Microsoft Use Case

Microsoft Purview Information Protection Integration with iboss

iboss Extends and Enhances Microsoft Purview Information Protection Value

Organizations with sensitive documents are vulnerable to data loss and require data loss prevention of confidential content. To protect against this risk, organizations need to label files with metadata to indicate that a document is sensitive so that DLP rules can detect attempts at sensitive document transfer.

Since so much data is created in organizations with Microsoft 365, Microsoft offers the ability to tag documents with sensitivity labels. These labels, created using Microsoft Purview Information Protection, allow IT administrators to define and apply the labels that best fit their organization. Each label contains metadata that is customizable and persistent so that the metadata stays with the document. Organizations that use Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (formerly Microsoft Cloud Application Security) can also use labels with Azure and third party apps (SalesForce, Box, DropBox and others) to protect documents containing sensitive content.

iboss is fully integrated with Microsoft Purview Information Protection and with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps so that documents in transit that are tagged with sensitivity labels are protected by the iboss Zero Trust Edge (ZTE). Additionally, ZTE policies can  be geo restricted to comply with FERPA, HIPAA, GDPR and other data privacy and security laws and regulations.  Any tagged document will be secure using the iboss Zero Trust Edge.

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