Microsoft Use Case

Extend iboss Zero Trust SASE into Azure

Protect Azure hosted application resources by automatically stretching the iboss Zero Trust SSE into Azure

The Problem: 

Running custom applications in Azure?

Want to extend your iboss Zero Trust SASE into Azure to protect that resource and manage it with a single pane of glass?

The Solution:

Deploy the iboss Zero Trust SASE in Azure in minutes directly from Azure Marketplace and auto populate policy directly from your existing iboss management console. iboss Zero Trust policy enforcement point gateways run natively in Azure.


    • Organizations can stretch their iboss Zero Trust SASE automatically to protect those resources simply by provisioning iboss gateways directly in Azure from the Azure Marketplace.
    • Organizations can apply tenant’s existing Azure capacity to Marketplace purchased iboss gateways.
    • iboss anchors tenant IP to Microsoft Azure Tenant ID
    • Organizations can apply metered Azure usage and Marketplace billing.
    • Organizations can deliver additional network security & malware engines within Azure, providing greater security and value of Azure resources.
    • Manage the iboss Azure gateways from within the same cloud console used for the rest of your iboss enterprise implementation.
    • Single pane of glass for reporting.
    • Stream logs in real time to Azure Sentinel.

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