Combine Verizon Cloud Security with SD-WAN

Combine Verizon Cloud Security with SD-WAN

Are you working on any SD-WAN or MPLS projects? If so, combine them with Verizon Secure Cloud Gateway!

The Verizon Secure Cloud Gateway delivers application and Internet security in the cloud. This includes cloud-based security for compliance, web filtering, malware defense and data loss prevention. With exponentially increasing mobility and bandwidth, sending Internet-bound traffic such as Office 365 and cloud applications directly to the cloud increases connection speeds and improves productivity.

By combining SD-WAN and MPLS projects with the Verizon Secure Cloud Gateway, traffic can be sent directly to the cloud instead of back-hauling it through private SD-WAN and MPLS links. By sending Office 365 and cloud application traffic unnecessarily through SD-WAN links, those connections will quickly become saturated to produce slow connections and a poor user experience. Offloading cloud-bound traffic not only alleviates traffic on private SD-WAN connections, it also increases Internet speeds and reduces overhead on SD-WAN equipment.

If you have any SD-WAN or MPLS projects in progress or about to start, combine it with the Verizon Secure Cloud Gateway.

You can learn more about the Verizon Secure Cloud Gateway at the following link which also provides a PDF download toward the bottom of the page:

Verizon Secure Cloud Gateway Solution Brief

Getting an account to the Secure Cloud Gateway is easy and can be accommodated the same day of the request.

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