About the Customer

Fortune 500

media company


employees worldwide

$3+ billion

in annual revenue


This global media company with more than $3 billion USD in annual revenue provides clients with unique advertising services around the world via print and digital ads. With a diverse client list, the organization has customers in the entertainment, food service, telecommunications, sports, and retail industries.

The Challenge:

The company, a member of the Fortune 500, aimed to increase efficiency and its security posture by migrating to the cloud. A highly distributed organization with a cloud-first strategy, IT wanted to employ a Zero Trust network model to consolidate security and minimize cybersecurity risks across regions. Up until that point, various business units used disparate on-prem, perimeter-based solutions that lacked a unified approach to network security.


The company wanted to implement a SaaS offering to centralize administration and auditing functions while lowering operating costs. Further, users needed a cloud-based, scalable platform to support different operating systems and environments, including Linux, for IoT devices.

The Solution:

The iboss Zero Trust SSE Platform was chosen as the organization’s global core, cloud-based SaaS proxy and firewall solution. The platform ensured IT could easily manage log data across geographies to maintain business and regulatory compliance. All users transitioned to iboss, while control was delegated to local administrators using the company’s role-based access control (RBAC) model.


The company integrated iboss with its Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps instance to gain insight into data in transit for cloud application usage. Further, the organization also leveraged cloud-delivered FireEye Cloud Network Security, which is only available through the iboss Zero Trust SSE Platform, to protect against the most advanced threats and data breaches. This offering safeguards all users, regardless of their location or device.

The Results:

With the iboss Zero Trust SSE platform, the organization has consolidated several different solutions across the group. Employees benefit from a Zero Trust implementation to not only protect global users but also IoT devices around the world.  The organization has a full cloud offering across all regions, including Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Latin America.


With a consistent security posture aligned with a Zero Trust model, all employees and devices are protected from cybersecurity risks. This is especially notable given the company’s challenging environment with IoT devices running multiple operating systems across a highly distributed global environment. Moreover, iboss and FireEye Cloud Network Security together deliver advanced threat protection, regardless of device or end user location.


  • Migrated security efforts to the cloud with iboss Zero Trust SSE for greater efficiency and improved global security posture
  • Implemented iboss to centralize administration and auditing functions – all while decreasing administrative costs
  • Employed a cloud-first, Zero Trust network model to minimize cybersecurity risks
  • Gained advanced threat detection with iboss Zero Trust SSE and FireEye Cloud Network Security
  • Achieved management of log data across geos to ensure regulatory and business compliance
  • Gained cloud-based, SaaS network security to support different operating systems and environments, including Linux
  • Realized greater visibility and control of cloud application usage

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