Product Update: New Features Added to the iboss Cloud Platform

Today we announced new security features to help enterprises identify and protect against data loss. The new features include Cloud App Isolation and Exact Data Match (EDM) for Data Loss Prevention (DLP). With Cloud App Isolation, enterprises can protect managed and unmanaged device access to any public cloud app, while ensuring data stays in the cloud service. While EDM for DLP provides another technique to improve the effectiveness of DLP by looking for exact data matches from data provided by the enterprise. 

Ensure Data Stays in the Public Cloud Service with Cloud App Isolation 

Research has found that 72% of companies cite data leakage/loss as the top security concern for BYOD. This means organizations need to ensure they can extend the same level of secure connectivity to public cloud apps regardless of who owns the device. By deploying iboss Cloud App Isolation, enterprises can guarantee that any users working from unmanaged devices (such as those owned by contractors or employees on BYO devices) can access and manipulate the data within public cloud services. However, since the user session is isolated through the iboss Cloud App Isolation feature, the user is never allowed to download and store content or files onto their local device. This ensures that data stays in the public cloud service. 

Traditionally enterprises would set up a cloud based reverse proxy to control unmanaged user access to public cloud apps, however configuring and managing a reverse proxy is complex and the solution typically has a limited number of supported public cloud apps. Reverse proxies also do not provide user session isolation. In contrast iboss Cloud App Isolation supports any public cloud app. This expands the number of supported cloud apps and adds additional isolation capabilities not found in reverse proxy solutions today. 

With Cloud App Isolation no agent or special configuration is required on the endpoint device. There is also no need to install a root certificate for TLS/SSL decryption on the endpoint. 

Tighten Control of Potential Data Loss with EDM for DLP  

Enterprises have a compliance mandate to prevent data loss either accidentally or through misuse. The new EDM for DLP feature enables enterprises to tighten control of potential data loss by indexing any sensitive data, like Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and using the iboss DLP exact match feature to identify and block any data exfiltration attempts for that exact data. iboss EDM for DLP scales to over one billion total data elements. This means iboss can handle a data set of 100 million or more rows with 10 columns.  This makes the new iboss EDM for DLP feature the most scalable in the industry.   

The iboss EDM for DLP feature allows cloud administrators to set policies to identify and block content and files being transferred through the iboss service that match exact data records. These data records are provided and maintained by the enterprise. For example, if an enterprise has an on-premises database of sensitive credit card numbers, that data is indexed offline, hashed, and secured through salting. From there the salted hash of the data is what is loaded into the iboss service, to facilitate the exact matches defined in the policy.   

All traffic going through the iboss platform will be scanned and the DLP engine looks for that specific data in any transactions going through the service. Leveraging EDM for DLP reduces false positives and increases detection accuracy for preventing data loss of sensitive data. Since all users of the enterprise are always connected through the iboss Cloud Platform, regardless of location, any transfers from any devices can be inspected to ensure that sensitive records are not being misused.     

These latest features add additional capabilities to the iboss Cloud Platform to secure access and protect sensitive data loss. Customers already using the Unlimited package will automatically have access to the Cloud App Isolation and EDM for DLP features. The Unlimited package offers unlimited users, unlimited devices, and unlimited core platform features. This enables greater value and opens additional use cases for our customers running on the iboss Cloud Platform. 

To learn more about Cloud App Isolation and EDM for DLP please join us for a live webinar on November 17th at 12:00 PM PT | 3:00 PM ET. Register here 

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