How Companies can Embrace Zero Trust and Reduce their Attack Surface

How Companies can Embrace Zero Trust and Reduce their Attack Surface

According to a January 2022 Forbes article, external threat actors can penetrate 93 percent of company networks. Security risks, therefore, continue to be important considerations to all industries around the world.  Moreover, organizations must reduce cyber risk and protect themselves from breaches by ideally completely isolating sensitive applications and data so they are only visible – and accessible – to trusted users.


With sensitive apps and data now located everywhere and modern workers connecting from anywhere, companies can increase user productivity by allowing them, and only them, direct connections to needed resources. Organizations can do so while maximizing security efforts with a thorough, effective Zero Trust approach. Further, enterprises can prevent data loss and ransomware attacks by ensuring data is only available to trusted workforces. By implementing a Zero Trust architecture in accordance with the NIST guidelines and principles mentioned in Executive Order 14028, iboss enables employees to securely, directly connect to all resources regardless of work location.


iboss moves security to the cloud and strictly follows the Zero Trust approach as defined by NIST. The platform is built on a containerized cloud architecture, thereby making it the only platform that can control what NIST refers to as the “Implicit Trust Zone.” This verifies all resources – including those on prem or in the cloud – are completely private and only accessible through the service. As a result, applications, data, and services are protected and inaccessible without going through the iboss Zero Trust SSE.


As iboss fully embraces the NIST approach to Zero Trust, we are incredibly proud of several 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards we recently earned. Our platform reduces cyber risk by isolating sensitive applications and data that are only accessible to trusted users. This achievement is reflected in the five Cybersecurity Excellence Awards iboss received across several categories below:



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Blog post authored by Tim Roddy, VP of Product Marketing at iboss.