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Migrate from traditional secure web gateway appliances to the iboss Web Gateway Cloud. Seamlessly and consistently apply compliance policies, malware defense, and data loss prevention across your distributed organization.

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Secure Web Gateway

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The Secure Cloud Gateway

In a world where virtually all applications run in the cloud and users access those applications from anywhere, applying network-based compliance, malware defense, and data loss prevention policies using traditional centralized web gateway appliances has become unsustainable. iboss protects your data as it moves to and from the cloud. Eliminate the need to backhaul data to centralized secure web gateway appliances, which is costly, cumbersome, and time consuming. The iboss cloud provides comprehensive network security, superior performance, and greater visibility. Migrate your web gateway protection to the cloud without having to purchase and manage web gateway appliances. Read more >>

Stop Threats,
Not Business

  • Multi-tenant cloud secure web gateway platform includes compliance, web filtering, malware defense, and data loss prevention.
  • Stream iboss cloud reporting data in real-time to existing SIEMs and reporting platforms without custom coding.
  • Maintain tight controls on automatic cloud updates to ensure business continuity while eliminating web gateway appliances.
  • Gain visibility into encrypted SSL traffic with ease, across all traffic or selectively by user and group, to stop more threats and data loss.

Scalable, Elastic
Cloud Security

  • Proprietary multi-tenant cloud gateway architecture ensures seamless migration from on-prem secure web gateway appliances.
  • Patented design allows iboss cloud to natively extend into other clouds to form largest web gateway cloud.
  • 100% SaaS, 100% subscription. Never buy web gateway appliances again.
  • Elastic architecture automatically expands as your demands increase.
  • Eliminate all network blind spots from remote offices and mobile users. Enforce security policy consistently.

Eliminate Costly
Data Backhauling

  • Improve performance and reduce costs by eliminating data backhaul to centrally hosted web gateway appliances.
  • No need to purchase, host, and maintain on-prem web gateway appliances.
  • Proprietary cloud architecture aligns with your organization’s cloud security vision, reducing disruption and implementation time.

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Over 4,000 organizations rely on iboss to ensure that their sensitive data is safe and compliant. See how iboss helped Riverside Health System secure their network of over 9,000 employees and 150 locations without jeopardizing network speed, adding complexity, or driving up total cost of ownership.


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