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Advanced Threat Protection to Maintain Public Trust

According to a report by the Government Accountability Office, the number of cyberattacks on federal agencies increased 1,300% between 2006 and 2015. These agencies now experience more than 77,000 attacks per year. State and local governments are being similarly targeted.

In the face of this onslaught, government offices must strive to protect data on sprawling networks often running on legacy operating systems with data protection provided by outdated security technology. While the use of Einstein, the federal government’s signature-based defense tool, is offered as a major step forward in government cybersecurity, it can't stop attacks caused by signatureless, unknown threats, which are more likely to be used by today's sophisticated criminal hackers.

Funding limitations and a lack of interdepartmental collaboration compound the problem, as many standard on-prem solutions require costly hardware deployments for advanced threat defense, and additional IT resources to manage them. At the same time, governmental bodies are grappling with the challenges and costs of securing both government-issued and BYOD mobile devices.

iboss Secures Government

The iboss Distributed Gateway PlatformTM offers unrivaled protection for government networks and data because it has the advanced threat detection, easy deployment, and low TCO that government organizations need. Its capabilities include:


Advanced Malware Protection Icon

Protection against advanced threats

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform uses built-in IPS and behavioral sandboxing to find the signatureless, evasive threats that other solutions miss. In addition, its Network Anomaly Detection finds threats already in the network and mitigates them before data loss occurs.


Flexible Deployment Icon

Flexible deployment

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform’s revolutionary architecture combines distributed cloud and optional physical gateways to form a unified, cloud-built, multi-tenant platform. It deploys easily, spans all user devices and locations, and scales effortlessly as the first web gateway as a service.


Icon of mobile device management

Mobile device management

Some government agencies have attempted to ban BYOD due to the risk that unsecured mobile devices pose. Others use standard cybersecurity solutions that can drive up costs with large hardware deployments that require them to backhaul data to secure mobile users. The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform provides mobile device management capabilities to monitor, manage, and secure mobile devices anywhere, any time.


Legacy OS Support Icon

Legacy operating system support

For government devices that haven’t been updated to the latest operating systems, the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform provides full protection for out-of-date browsers and operating systems, safeguarding your legacy investments.



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