Cloud App Isolation to keep data in public clouds

Security and data loss protection for unmanaged device access to public cloud apps 

As enterprises deal with ‘work from anywhere’ challenges, they are looking to improve secure access to protect sensitive data hosted in public clouds. Not all users will be on company managed devices. Contractors on their own devices or employees with BYOD devices will often require access. With the iboss Cloud Platform, enterprises can require that traffic coming from unmanaged devices to any cloud app managed by the enterprise are required to use the iboss Cloud App Isolation feature. 

The Cloud App Isolation feature adds an additional layer of security. Policy set in the iboss cloud determines which public cloud apps require the unmanaged user’s browser session to be isolated using iboss Cloud App Isolation. This prevents those users from downloading any content or files from that public cloud app. The access restriction applies to anyone working on unmanaged devices. 

Solution Brief

 iboss Cloud App Isolation gives you Data Loss Protection for cloud applications accessed from unmanaged devices.

Easier to deploy than reverse proxy solutions

Today enterprises might set up a cloud based reverse proxy to control unmanaged user access to public cloud apps, however configuring and managing a reverse proxy is complex and the solution typically has a limited number of supported public cloud apps. Reverse proxies also do not provide user session isolation.  

In contrast iboss Cloud App Isolation supports any public cloud app. This expands the number of cloud apps supported and adds additional isolation capabilities not found in reverse proxy solutions.  

cloud application isolation diagram

Better User Experience

No agent or special configuration is required on the endpoint device. Additionally, since the session is isolated within the iboss service, there is no need to install a root certificate for TLS/SSL decryption on the endpoint.  This means contractors and users working from unmanaged devices access public cloud apps using a standard browser with isolation protection provided through the iboss cloud.

Solution Brief

 iboss Cloud App Isolation gives you Data Loss Protection for cloud applications accessed from unmanaged devices.

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