iboss Subscription Update Release

With the iboss Zero Trust Security Service Edge 10-series cloud update, your Subscription Management page will receive a new look with detailed information regarding your iboss subscription.

The Subscription Management page will now display key information such as your current subscription plan when subscribed to a Zero Trust subscription package, provide more detailed information about which features are enabled with your subscription, and display features that are available for purchase as add-ons.

Screenshot of Subscription Summary

In addition, previously hidden features due to subscription restrictions will also be visible with information regarding the subscription or add-on required to gain the functionality. This may appear as a message within a page, tab, toggle, or dropdown within the platform.

Screenshot of Feature Requiring Subscription Upgrade

Alongside the enhancements to the Subscription Management page and additional subscription information within the platform, we are excited to announce that many existing subscriptions will gain additional features and functionality at no additional cost. While some existing packages contained these additional features, we are extending these capabilities to existing packages that may have previously lacked the functionality. These upgrades will occur automatically and will not affect your subscription length, terms of service, or access to other features that your subscription already has enabled. For information regarding the gained functionalities with these upgrades, please see the chart below:

Note: An account must be fully updated to the 10-series platform version, including all cloud gateways, reporting, and browser isolation nodes, to receive access to the new functionality added to your subscription.

The iboss Zero Trust Security Service Edge 10-series cloud update is scheduled to release on October 5th, 2022. For more information regarding iboss Zero Trust Edge packaging and subscriptions, please visit https://www.iboss.com/pricing/.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I experience any service interruptions due to the subscription update?

No. As with all iboss Zero Trust Security Service Edge platform updates, no service interruptions are expected.

Our subscription is listed to receive added functionality, but we do not see the new features on the account. How can we enable the features?

Please ensure that the account is fully updated to version or later, including all cloud gateways, reporting, and browser isolation nodes.

Our account is receiving added functionality. Does this affect our subscription expiration date or terms of service?

No. Your terms of service and existing subscription are unaffected.

How can I leverage advanced authentication features with legacy applications that do not support modern authentication?

With advanced authentication, the iboss Zero Trust Edge can perform automatic authentication step-up for resources associated with a resource policy. To learn more about implementing SAML/OIDC authentication with auto step-up please review our SAML/OIDC documentation here.

How can I connect resources on private networks to the iboss Zero Trust Edge?

With advanced data redirection, connecting resources on private networks to the iboss Zero Trust Edge can be configured via IPsec tunnels, GRE tunnels, and/or SD-WAN. To learn more about configuration options including guides for integrating with Azure, AWS, Cisco, Palo Alto, Fortigate, Silver Peak, Sonic Wall, and others, please see our advanced data redirection documentation here.


How can I export logs from iboss reporters and/or gateways?

With log forwarding, the iboss Zero Trust Edge provides granular external logging options. For information regarding supported log server types and formats, please visit our external logging documentation here.