iboss Announces Location-Based Protection for BYOD and Guest Networks in the Cloud

iboss Announces Location-Based Protection for BYOD and Guest Networks in the Cloud

The iboss cloud offers location-based BYOD and Guest network cloud-based Internet protection

BOSTON, Mass., May  28, 2019 iboss today announced location-based protection that can be enabled to protect BYOD and guest Wifi networks where access to the device is limited. The settings in iboss automatically transfer internet access policy and reporting across the users on the guest network delivering instantaneous protection. This takes advantage of location-based DNS security that allows different policies to be applied to different networks easily and efficiently.

According to Forbes, 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020 and 66% of IT professionals say security is their most significant concern in adopting an enterprise cloud computing strategy.

In addition, log and security events from the BYOD and guest network will be stored within iboss cloud for visibility into malware infections and compliance. These log events can be forwarded to any external logging database or SIEM to inject BYOD and guest network activities into existing logging systems for analysis. The iboss cloud will analyze DNS requests to ensure compliance and prevent malware accesses, providing a safe guest network experience. DNS protection is part of the standard suite included with iboss cloud which includes full content analysis and protection in the cloud to prevent the most advanced threats and ensure protection for users regardless of device or location.

“With mobile users accessing the Internet from anywhere, providing a BYOD or guest network can be very appealing for organizations, including retailers and hotels,” said Paul Martini, CEO and co-founder of iboss. “The ability to quickly apply Internet protection as part of the Wi-Fi hotspot experience ensures safe access to the Internet and reduces liability. Leveraging the iboss cloud for BYOD and guest Wi-Fi protection delivers on our promise to ensure safe access to the Internet for users wherever they roam.”

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iboss is a cloud security company that provides organizations and their employees secure access to the Internet on any device, from any location, in the cloud. This eliminates the need for traditional security appliances, which are ineffective at protecting a cloud-first and mobile world. Leveraging a purpose-built cloud architecture backed by over 100 patents and over 100 points of presence globally, iboss protects more than 4,000 organizations worldwide. To learn more, visit


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