Comprehensive SD-WAN compatibility
iboss integrates seamlessly with SD-WAN solutions to provide cloud-based internet security.

Block Access to YouTube HD Videos to Conserve Bandwidth
Reduce internet video traffic by blocking YouTube HD content while continuing to allow users to watch SD videos.

Flexible External Reporting Options
Use comprehensive external reporting options to integrate with leading data analytics and threat defense services.

Geo IP Load Balancing 
Maximize uptime and reduce latency by automatically distributing cloud connections across a geographically optimized pool.

Updated reporting tools
Use the reporting tools to quickly generate detailed forensic reports and high-level executive summaries.

Comprehensive SD-WAN compatibility

With seamless SD-WAN integration, the iboss cloud reduces costs and latency while eliminating the need for data backhauling.

  • Reduce network latency and costs by eliminating data backhauling
  • Realize cost-efficient scaling using elastic cloud capacity
  • Broad compatibility with SD-WAN solutions
  • Improve time-to-value by minimizing upfront costs
  • Apply regional and global security policies by using geolocation to identify SD-WAN endpoints
  • Use 100% dedicated IP addresses to integrate with secure cloud SaaS applications
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Block YouTube HD Videos to Conserve Bandwidth

High Definition (HD) videos use far more data than Standard Definition (SD) content. For many organizations, the improved video quality is not worth the additional bandwidth consumption and costs. Enable the Block YouTube HD Video Playback feature from the iboss YouTube Manager to limit users to SD content.

  • Reduce internet video traffic by blocking YouTube HD content.
  • Continue to allow users to watch SD videos.
  • Selectively allow or block access to YouTube HD videos for individual security groups. This gives you the flexibility to limit HD content to only the users who need it.
Block YouTube HD Videos Cover Image

 Maximize Uptime With Geo IP Load Balancing

The iboss cloud has points of presence spanning every continent. With Geo IP Load Balancing, cloud connections are automatically distributed across a geographically optimized pool, maximizing uptime while reducing latency.

  • Maintain continuous internet availability by automatically shifting connections to nearby points of presence in response to network interruptions.
  • Minimize latency by routing connections to the nearest points of presence automatically, according to their IP address.
  • Provide secure internet access to users at any location, whether they are onsite or remote, or on a different continent.
Geo IP Load Balancing Cover Image

Quickly generate a variety of reports and export them using industry-standard file formats

The iboss cloud reporting tools enable you to quickly generate anything from a detailed forensic report to a high-level executive summary.

  • Model reports from different perspectives, including usernames, IP addresses, or domains.
  • Export and share log reports using industry-standard file formats, including .xlsx (Microsoft Excel) and .html.
  • Use Log Tuning to refine the level of detail included in a report.
  • Design your own report templates and tailor them to your priorities using customizable designs and controls. Save time by reusing templates for multiple reports.
Event log with a sample of data

Use Flexible External Reporting Options to Integrate with Leading Data Analytics and Threat Defense Services

  • Choose from a variety of log types, formats, and protocols—including SCP—to send to external servers.
  • Use the HEC integration protocol to send logs to Splunk servers.
  • Integrate with Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics (CTA) to reinforce your threat defense with additional behavioral analysis and anomaly detection.
External HEC logging integration for Splunk