Modern VDI Replacement

Implement Secure Access to Applications regardless of device or device location, and without Expensive VDI Architecture or Software.

The iboss Zero Trust Edge is the gateway to the cloud giving it the ability to control cloud applications and provide visibility into cloud application use. This includes providing access to private applications on both managed and unmanaged devices

Data Protection

Protect data in transit as it moves between users & the cloud. With the iboss platform customers ensure all traffic entering and leaving from their application have common policies applied including SSL visibility, DLP, CASB, Malware Protection and IPS.

Improved Security

The iboss platform delivers Zero Trust Network Access, as the user never actually has access to the network itself. The iboss private access service is connected to all private resources an organization needs to grant access to and leverages this to connect users, based on their role, to the private application directly

Improved User Experience

Improve user Experience by delivering access to applications without the need to backhaul traffic to a datacenter or rely on VDI infrastructure.


Detailed logging is provided for all traffic to and from applications including from unmanaged devices.

Ease of Use

No agent or special configuration is required on the endpoint device. Additionally, since the session is isolated within the iboss service, there is no need to install a root certificate for TLS/SSL decryption on the endpoint.

Take the next step in shifting to the world’s largest security platform built for the future.

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