iboss FETC 2020 Live Presentation and Workshops

Join iboss at FETC 2020!

Join iboss at FETC 2020 and embark on a deep dive on how to enable digital learning while maintaining a safe, and CIPA compliant, online environment. We will cover topics ranging from SSL decryption, our new enhanced classroom management tools, to easily securing 1-to-1 devices via the cloud with seamless YouTube connectivity!

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Join iboss’ session at FETC 2020!

Thursday, January 16th at 12:00pm in Lincoln Room G 

The Key to Digital Transformation is Security in the Cloud 

Schools are balancing educational needs with other priorities. Change management is therefore of critical importance in successful digital transformation, especially as schools migrate to cloud/managed services. In this session learn how iboss is working with schools to migrate over to an enterprise cloud security posture – a foundational requirement to proactively identify high risk/at risk student behavior and the constant threats associated with malware and other advanced threats – which can have direct impact on schools ability to adopt meaningful digital transformation
Richard Quinones

Richard Quinones has spent over 20 years taking on transformative IT leadership roles at the county, state and national levels. His past experience includes his appointment as Los Angeles County’s first Chief Education Technology Officer, where he led the delivery of IT services across 80 school districts and five community colleges. He was also appointed senior IT advisor to the National Advisory Council on Education Technology (NACET), and commissioned to advance the roll-out of the U.S. President’s National Public Schools Broadband Initiative.

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Workshop 1 – iboss Enhanced Classroom Management

The iboss platform integrates with Google Classroom, adding tools that enable you to manage students internet activity from any location, including on-campus or at home. In this workshop, we will cover all the ins and outs of the feature to promote effective digital learning while ensuring secured and monitored online connections for students.

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Workshop 2 – YouTube Strict Search, Comment Stripping and Video Management

Google, YouTube and, social media are leveraged in education daily. Unfortunately, safety mechanisms such as Safe Search are not advanced enough to ensure students have safe access to these services. iboss cloud’s patented security reinforces Google Safe Search, YouTube and social media sites with advanced controls which allow schools to extend safe access to these technologies without compromising the safety of students. In this workshop, learn how iboss allows schools to extend more access to technology in the classroom including safe YouTube, Google Images and social media access.

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Workshop 3 – How to easily implement 1-to-1 for Chromebooks, Windows, Mac and Android

1-to-1 (one device per student) initiatives allow students to have more access to educational technology while on campus or at home. The ability to ensure CIPA compliance for these devices using traditional filtering appliances can be difficult, resulting in inconsistent filtering policies and lack of reporting, especially when the devices are at home. Learn how the iboss cloud allows you to extend CIPA compliance for students whether they are at school, at home or on a BYOD device, in minutes, and without the hassle or complexity of appliances.

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Workshop 4 – Easily and Selectively Inspect Encrypted SSL Traffic

As websites and cloud applications move to encrypted HTTPS connections, the need to inspect encrypted content is a critical functionality needed to meet compliance, prevent malware and protect against data loss. Performing decryption with network appliances is expensive and not able to be scaled. iboss cloud performs this function in the cloud to inspect encrypted traffic at scale and with ease. In this workshop, learn how the iboss platform can help easily inspect encrypted SSL Traffic.

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