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Introducing iboss Zero Trust Edge (ZTE) Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) for the K-12 Education sector. Fully USAC compliant and 85% E-Rate eligible, this cloud-based solution provides schools a powerful alternative to legacy systems and VPNs. Schools and Libraries benefit from unparalleled security, all while covering just 15% of the costs.

The digital landscape of education has seen a paradigm shift. With school data, applications, and services transitioning from the traditional datacenter to the cloud, the exposure to threats has magnified. Recognizing this, iboss offers the Zero Trust Edge FWaaS tailored for Education. Designed to enable school districts to phase out outdated on-premises solutions, the iboss ZTE FWaaS offers a cloud-centric approach that transcends the capacities of conventional Next Gen Firewall products. The iboss platform proudly serves over two thousand school districts, including the nation’s largest schools.

The iboss ZTE FWaaS provides schools with advanced threat protection, cloud app firewall monitoring, an intrusion prevention system, top-tier antimalware defense, and DNS security. Consequently, schools attain unmatched internet policy oversight across all students, bolstering the institution’s cybersecurity resilience to military-grade standards. This ensures the safeguarding of a school’s most vital data from the threat of cyberattacks. And with 85% of the costs covered by E-Rate, Schools and Libraries are presented with an opportunity to access advanced FWaaS technology at a fraction of the standard costs.


  • Significant cost savings with 85% E-Rate coverage
  • Advanced threat protection elevating cybersecurity to military-grade standards
  • Seamless transition from outdated systems to a cloud-centric firewall solution
  • Hassle-free procurement process with direct E-Rate payments to iboss
  • Comprehensive solution with CIPA filtering for school compliance
  • Schools and Libraries secure their digital infrastructure while making substantial budgetary savings

How it Works

  • E-Rate Savings: Schools pay just 15% of the iboss platform costs and do not have to wait for reimbursement.
  • Simple Application Process: Start with the submission of FCC Form 470 and await bids.
  • Select iboss: Evaluate bids, select iboss, and pay only 15% of the total invoice for up to five years to lock in price with no additional out of pocket costs.
  • Finalize Documentation & Receive Approval: Collaborate with iboss to submit FCC Form 471 and receive the Funding Commitment Decision Letter.
  • Submit Confirmation iboss Service has Started: Complete FCC Form 486 to confirm service initiation and CIPA status.
  • Outstanding Balance is Paid Directly to iboss: E-Rate directly compensates iboss the remaining 85%, eliminating hefty payments from Schools or Libraries.

Ordering Information

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Includes Package: Zero Trust Core

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the E-Rate iboss FWaaS solution for Schools & Libraries?

The E-Rate iboss Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) for Schools & Libraries is a cloud-centric solution for K-12 educational institutions. It offers advanced threat protection, cloud app firewall monitoring, intrusion prevention, antimalware defense, and DNS security. This solution ensures military-grade cybersecurity standards while offering unparalleled savings through the E-Rate program. It also provides school districts with the ability to decommission traditional on-premises appliances and move beyond traditional Next Gen Firewall (NGFW) products and services. The platform currently supports over two thousand school districts including the largest districts in the U.S. iboss ZTE FWaaS platform offers advanced threat protection (ATP), cloud app firewall and monitoring, an intrusion prevention system (IPS), advanced antimalware defense, and Domain Name System (DNS) security.

How does iboss FWaaS differ from traditional firewall solutions?

Unlike legacy on-premises firewall appliances or Next Gen Firewall (NGFW) products, the iboss FWaaS operates on a cloud platform. This deployment allows for more flexible ease of deployment and ensures a unified security policy, regardless of where students access the internet.

Why is cloud-centric security essential for K-12 schools?

As school data, applications, and services transition from traditional data centers to the cloud, exposure to potential threats increases. A cloud-centric approach like iboss FWaaS adapts to this paradigm shift, ensuring that students and district employees remain protected outside the school’s physical perimeter.

How does the E-Rate program benefit schools financially?

E-Rate program covers up to 85% of the costs of the iboss FWaaS solution. This benefit means schools and libraries only cover 15% of the total cost, allowing them to access advanced firewall technology at a fraction of the usual expenses.

What is the process for schools to procure iboss FWaaS via E-Rate?

First, schools submit the FCC Form 470 for bids. After evaluating bids and selecting iboss, schools pay as little as just 15% of the invoice. Afterward, they collaborate with iboss to finalize documentation, confirm service initiation, and E-Rate handles the remainder of the payment.

Is the iboss FWaaS solution CIPA compliant?

The iboss platform includes standard CIPA filtering capabilities, ensuring schools maintain a safe and compliant learning environment.

How does the iboss FWaaS ensure consistent policy enforcement for 1-to-1 initiatives?

The iboss FWaaS provides consistent policy management across all students, ensuring that each device, on or off campus, adheres to CIPA requirements and school cybersecurity policies.

With the digital shift in education, how does iboss FWaaS maintain the safety of a school's critical data?

iboss FWaaS elevates a school’s cybersecurity posture to military-grade standards. It monitors, detects, and mitigates threats, safeguarding vital educational data from cyber-attacks.

How long can schools lock in the discounted price offered by the E-Rate program?

Schools and Libraries can secure the reduced price for up to five years, ensuring stable budgeting without unexpected cost increases.

Who is the ideal contact at a school or library to discuss the E-Rate iboss FWaaS solution?

IT administrators or individuals responsible for network and cybersecurity in K-12 schools are the ideal contacts. They’ll have the insight and authority to evaluate and implement such solutions to benefit their institutions.

Why does K-12 need iboss Zero Trust SASE FWaaS?

School District applications, data and services have mostly moved from the school datacenter to the cloud, making them easily accessible by attackers. Perimeter-based security measures, such as legacy on-prem firewall appliances, or NGFWs, are quickly becoming obsolete and incapable of protecting students, district employees, and applications. Now, with iboss ZTE FWaaS for Education, School Districts are connected to a single global firewall with a unified ZTE application-aware security policy, allowing districts to implement an enterprise cybersecurity FWaaS solution.

What advantages does the iboss FWaaS provide?

Security Policy Deployed via the Cloud from a Single Edge

  • A single firewall distributed across an organization’s sites and users that enforces consistent policy for all
  • Transitions Costs to an Operating Expense Consumption Model
  • Eliminates the need for purchasing (CAPEX), installing, and maintaining appliances in your datacenter
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Scales the firewall to your organization’s size and locations quickly. iboss cloud edges remain close to your users to protect your resources
  • Consolidate solutions to reduce cost and strain on the technology teams’ resources while increasing visibility on at risk and high-risk students through one unified policy and reporting platform
What features and functions make iboss FWaaS unique to other solutions?
  • The iboss cloud provides full firewall protection for users regardless of location, including Intrusion Prevention, connection tracking, as well as IP and Port blocking
  • The iboss containerized architecture extends firewall protection to users at all times to ensure fast and secure connections to cloud applications and resources
  • The iboss cloud’s containerized architecture allows stream-based data to be processed even when users are remote. Full firewall IPS is supported, including the ability to use existing IPS signature subscriptions
  • The iboss Cloud Connectors can transparently tunnel data directly from user devices to the iboss cloud for firewall protection, as data flows through iboss cloud, firewall security is applied to the streams to ensure compliance and security
  • For PCI compliance, the need to block IP Addresses and ports is critical. The iboss cloud provides these critical capabilities and extends the features so they can be dynamically applied to users or groups dynamically. IP ranges and port ranges are supported in combination with user identity.
What are some key dates for the E-Rate Application Process?
  • Filing of FCC Form 470 can start July to mid-February.
  • FCC Form 471 window opens in January and closes in late March.
  • Funding Commitment Decision Letters are issued from April-August with the FCC Form 486 window open to file.
  • Funding is Disbursed from July-September.
How do I get started and is there help?

For existing customers reach out to your customer success engineer, for new customers reach out to iboss at [email protected] to book a briefing to learn how easy it is to use E-Rate to procure iboss FWaaS this E-Rate season.

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