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The Cybersecurity Integrations Marketplace within the iboss Zero Trust SSE offers a centralized hub that seamlessly integrates with a vast range of cybersecurity products. It ensures cohesive adaptive access decisions and optimizes the value from all cybersecurity investments.

The iboss Zero Trust SSE stands as a formidable defense layer, ensuring only authorized access to protected resources. One of its significant attributes is the continuous adaptive access, responding rapidly when risks escalate, either by adjusting access or introducing Browser Isolation as an alternative to VDI. What truly sets the platform apart is the integration capability offered by the Cybersecurity Integrations Marketplace. The platform’s continuous adaptive decisions are driven by intrinsic Trust Algorithms. While these algorithms rely heavily on internal signals, including threat feeds and device posture checks, they are designed to seamlessly incorporate external cues from diverse cybersecurity products. This integrative approach fosters a unified cybersecurity strategy, eliminating the chaos of managing disparate security products. The Cybersecurity Integrations Marketplace not only facilitates CASB integrations for advanced data discovery but also empowers organizations to synchronize document labels from platforms like Microsoft Information Protection. This enables the application of robust security policies, ensuring sensitive data is protected from unsanctioned destinations. Moreover, integrations with leading Identity Providers ensure modern SAML authentication, while additional plug-ins facilitate a continuous flow of event logs to external SIEMs. The result? A unified, robust, and efficient cybersecurity platform that maximizes the ROI on all security investments.


  • Seamless Integration with Leading Cybersecurity Products
  • Modern Authentication Mechanisms with Top Identity Providers
  • Enhanced Adaptive Access Control through Trust Algorithms
  • Efficient Monitoring through Continuous Event Log Transmission via SIEM integrations
  • Streamlined Data Discovery and Security Policy Application
  • Maximized ROI from Existing Cybersecurity Investments

How it Works

  • Centralized Integration Hub: Connects to various cybersecurity products for a cohesive strategy.
  • Continuous Adaptive Decisions: Uses Trust Algorithms that factor in both internal and external signals.
  • CASB Integrations: Enables data discovery and synchronization of document labels from platforms like Microsoft Information Protection.
  • Modern Authentication: Seamless integrations with Identity Providers like Azure, Okta, and Ping.
  • External SIEM Connections: Facilitates automatic transmission of event logs for improved monitoring.
  • Endpoint Integrations: Integrates with all antimalware to ensure devices are compliant before accessing resources. CrowdStrike integration ingests additional Zero Trust signals for adaptive access decisions.

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