Make MPLS and SD-WAN More Efficient with Cloud Security

Send internet traffic directly to the cloud from branch offices to alleviate this load from private site-to-site connections

As applications move from internal networks to the cloud, bandwidth between offices should continue to decrease as traffic is directed to cloud applications. Sending internet and cloud destined traffic through private MPLS or SD-WAN links is not only expensive, but unsustainable. Typically, the reason for sending traffic through private MPLS and SD-WAN links is to apply internet security with centrally hosted on-prem security appliances. Use iboss Cloud Platform to provide in-the-cloud security for branch offices so that internet traffic is offloaded from private office connections via branch office internet breakouts. This will prolong any MPLS or SD-WAN deployment by alleviating this unnecessary load from already heavily loaded connections. Best of all, you can eliminate the need for centrally hosted appliances resulting in savings and higher end-user productivity.


Integrate the iboss cloud With Your SD-WAN Solution to Provide Seamless Cloud-Based Internet Security

Use branch office internet breakouts to reduce MPLS and SD-WAN loads

Sending internet bound traffic through private site-to-site connections like MPLS and SD-WAN is not only costly but unsustainable. As the volume of internet bound traffic increases due to SaaS adoption, the load on the private links will easily become saturated resulting in higher costs and lower end-user productivity. With MPLS links, this results in purchasing more MPLS bandwidth. Alternatively, with SD-WAN connections, this results in purchasing more branch office equipment that can sustain higher site-to-site bandwidth loads. Regardless of the strategy, this results in higher costs in infrastructure, labor and productivity.

With the iboss Cloud Platform, branch office internet traffic is sent directly to the cloud. The traffic is secured in the cloud, with elastic and instant scale. The increasing internet bandwidth load is removed from the private site-to-site connections extending the life of any MPLS or SD-WAN strategy. And as internet bandwidth increases, the load is automatically handled by iboss cloud with no impact to the organization.

Solution Brief

Compliment SD-WAN and MPLS with Branch Office Internet Breakouts Using Cloud Security

In the cloud security secures branch offices via local breakouts

Leveraging local branch office internet breakouts, users receive best-of-breed internet protection including compliance, web filtering, malware defense and data loss prevention. Security is delivered in the cloud, directly by the iboss Cloud Platform resulting in faster internet connections to critical applications. This increases end-user productivity and provides an increased user experience. MPLS and SD-WAN links can focus on traffic that is specifically destined for other offices within the network.

In addition, the burden of attempting to provide deep file and stream-based security to internet bound traffic by local branch office appliances is eliminated. The computer power needed to provide this level of security, including SSL inspection and protection, is high. This lowers the appliance throughput for site-to-site encryption required by SD-WAN. By performing security in the cloud, the branch office equipment can re-purpose those CPU cycles for the site-to-site connections increasing their useful life by increasing their throughput.

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Eliminate centrally hosted on-prem appliances to secure branch offices

The likely reason internet traffic is being sent through private MPLS and SD-WAN links is to secure the traffic via centrally hosted on-prem security appliances. This is a very unsustainable path as the private links become quickly saturated, internet speeds decrease, and the quantity of on-prem security appliances goes up to deal with the increased bandwidth. With bandwidth increases expected to continue with no end in sight, the quantity of on-prem security appliances will become an unsustainable strategy and will be cost prohibitive. Load balancers, complex network topologies, and sophisticated labor will become the norm as bandwidth continues to increase for SaaS application use.

With iboss Cloud Platform, security is performed in the cloud directly from traffic from the branch office. Best of all, the centrally hosted on-prem security appliances are not necessary and can be eliminated. As bandwidth increases, the iboss cloud automatically expands to secure traffic without adding burden or costs to the organization.

Simplify SD-WAN deployment with validated SD-WAN partners

iboss has deployed with and validated numerous SD-WAN solutions to simplify implementation for our customers. Most SD-WAN platforms provide several methods to break-out traffic from the private network.


At the branch, SD-WAN solutions employ techniques such as application identification, network segmentation, and packet inspection to identify internet, cloud, and SaaS traffic and then apply policy-based routing to steer traffic appropriately to cloud-based security.


For SD-WAN deployments, iboss provides numerous ways to connect branches to the iboss Cloud Platform. iboss is simplifying the process for our customers by partnering with a number of the leading SD-WAN vendors to tighten integration and identify the best practices based on joint customer deployments.

SD-WAN solutions typically include an orchestration platform that centrally provisions the configuration and policies to all the branch locations. For large enterprises with thousands of locations, centralized management is critical to simplifying any deployment. iboss is integrating with the orchestration platform of several SD-WAN vendors, which with a single click, automatically connects the iboss Cloud Platform to provide security for all branches.