The Platform

Secure Android Devices in the Cloud

Secure Internet access for Android devices, from any location, in the cloud

When a user takes their Android device offsite, the cloud connector stays connected to the iboss cloud continuously. The user experiences uninterrupted Internet access and consistent security policies, whether they are onsite, at home, or on the road.

Integrates natively with the Android VPN framework

The cloud connector integrates natively with the Android VPN framework. This architecture enables it to be lightweight, fast, and compatible with a broader range of network environments. It also allows the connector to implement extended Android VPN capabilities, like “Always-On VPN” and “Lockdown mode.”

Using iboss tunneling technology, the connector works in challenging network environments, such as airports and hotels. In addition, full support for captive portals ensure users can connect to networks that require authentication with ease.

Supports Always-On VPN and Lockdown mode

Stop users from evading your network security. By leveraging the Android “Always-On VPN” and “Lockdown Mode” capabilities, the iboss cloud connector starts when the device is booted and maintains a secure Internet connection that can’t be stopped by the user. All Internet traffic for the device is forced through the iboss cloud connector, preventing rogue users from sneaking around it.

Supports all major Android manufacturers, including older devices

The cloud connector supports devices from all major Android manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, and Google. And it’s compatible with all versions of the Android operating system, starting with Lollipop so that you can get the most value from your existing investments.

By supporting personal Android devices, work profiles, as well as fully managed devices, the cloud connector gives you the most flexibility for deployment.

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