Why iboss for Education

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Commodity Web Filtering Solutions Don't Deliver the Protection today's Schools Require

Protecting data and encompassing all users in your security policies are challenging for any organizations in today's dangerous threat environment. For schools, this is compounded by the fact that school networks continue to be prime targets for hackers, not only because they hold valuable data, but also because they lack the resources to obtain the level of cybersecurity enjoyed by corporations.  

iboss is the Only Vendor that Delivers Leading Corporate-Level Security to Education

We are committed to ensuring that schools are no longer considered "soft targets" for data theft by providing next-gen security solutions that are easy-to-use, affordable and most important, able to deliver the same level of security enjoyed by large banks, retailers, and healthcare organizations.

10 Critical Capabilities That Make iboss a Leader in Securing Education

  1. Scale: We easily accommodate any size school and scale seamlessly with you as you grow. We are the only security vendor that can support 1+ million devices and 60+ Gbps without sacrificing granular policy control or reporting.
  2. Cloud: Our innovative node-based cloud architecture allows schools to leverage the cloud when users are off-site without having to backhaul data through the school network, saving valuable IT resources.
  3. Google & YouTube: We deliver more granular control, including the ability to secure Google beyond SafeSearch, effectively manage personal Gmail accounts from the school's Gmail, ensure safe access to Youtube, and many more.
  4. Security validated by industry experts: Our technology is designed to secure large, distributed, corporate networks with integrated solutions that are easy-to-use, giving schools the same level of protection as private sector organizations, but without the cost and complexity. 
  5. Unmatched HTTP and SSL traffic inspection: iboss has the unrivaled ability to seamlessly inspect and manage SSL/HTTPS traffic across all devices, whether school-owned or BYOD, resulting in less overhead and burden on resources, while ensuring policy is always enforced.
  6. Innovation: No other solution has more patented technology, giving you innovation that solves your challenges now and prepares you for tomorrow.
  7. Proven: We secure more large, complex and high capacity networks than any other solution in the US, including some of the country's largest school districts.
  8. Aggressive development: iboss maintains your access to the latest educational technology with the most accelerated development schedule in the industry. You're never waiting for firmware upgrades - they are there when you need them, ensuring compatibility. 
  9. Flexible and affordable: iboss solutions fulfill CIPA requirements while also providing the flexibility to support any transition your school makes. This allows your school to prepare for cybersecurity investments without having to add resources or drain budgets.
  10. Mobile Security: Whether you're tasked with implementing a 1:1 program or you want to secure devices when students are at home, iboss provides seamless, advanced security for all mobile devices, including Chromebooks, iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.