How is the iboss Secure Cloud Gateway platform built?

The iboss Secure Cloud Gateway

is able to deliver Internet access protection to users wherever they roam. This includes applying packet, flow and file level malware defense in the cloud. To accomplish this, the iboss leverages a unique containerized gateway architecture capable of delivering these capabilities.

The iboss Secure Cloud Gateway is built from cloud work-units called containerized nodes. These nodes exist globally and perform the security functions of the iboss cloud. Each customer is protected by a global collection of containerized nodes.

There are different types of containerized cloud nodes, with the most popular nodes being the containerized gateway nodes and containerized reporting nodes. The containerized gateways scan data in the cloud and perform web filtering, prevent malware, detect infections and prevent data loss as data moves to and from users and the Internet. As more capacity is needed to scan more data, containerized gateway nodes are automatically added to the global node collection to process more load.

The containerized nodes within a collection are dedicated to processing data for a single customer, although they co-exist with nodes from other customers within the multi-tenant iboss platform. This allows many unique advantages over traditional public gateway approaches which rely on gateways that process data for multiple customers in a non-dedicated manner.

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