Cloud Security on Your Terms: Understanding Node-Based Architecture


Powerful, Innovative Cloud Security 

Traditional perimeter-based security is becoming inefficient to meet the needs of organizations that are global, distributed and managing mobile road warriors. Security vendors have responded with all-cloud security solutions, but they fail to meet the needs of organizations who are cloud-averse, or restricted due to regulatory requirements. This paper describes an innovative approach to cloud security, built on node architecture that not only increases your organization's security posture, but has the flexibility to offer cloud security completely on your terms.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • How node-based architecture ensures that your data in the cloud is isolated and never overlaps with any other organization's data
  • How node technology allows you to secure your mobile users and remote locations without requiring hardware or backhauling data to corporate
  • Why a node-based platform allows even the most cloud-averse organizations to take advantage of cloud benefits by enabling more flexible configurations: all-cloud, all on-premises, or any combination of the two