Goodbye Gateway Appliances.
   Hello Secure Cloud Gateway.


Cybersecurity Delivered and Managed Your Way

Whether you’re the VP of Network Infrastructure or Director of Proxy Services, you’re looking for a cybersecurity solution that eliminates the need to buy and manage racks of gateway appliances, and that provides a way to leverage the benefits of the cloud without requiring a complete network rearchitecture.

This solution must also meet the changing demands of your distributed organization, including delivering uniform protection to all of your users. You need a solution that’s as easy to deploy as it is to manage. And one that scales to meet your bandwidth demands today and in the future.

The iboss Distributed Gateway PlatformTM addresses these challenges in a completely different way – by delivering a system of distributed web gateways as a service to secure distributed organizations.


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Built for distributed organizations

You don’t need a cybersecurity solution that only works for headquarters, and requires a cloud bolt-on solution for remote offices and mobile workers. Yet that’s what so many legacy secure web gateway vendors deliver.  In contrast, the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform is built for the cloud, and was designed with distributed organizations in mind. This means you can deliver the same policy, features, security, and functions everywhere – to headquarters, remote offices, and mobile workers. You manage everything through a single, fully responsive cloud admin console, and can delegate access as needed. And bi-directional policy synchronization ensures accurate and consistent policy enforcement across the organization.


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Customized, real-time reporting

iboss streamlines the production of detailed reports based on security threats and events for a range of compliance and internal management purposes. With the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform, you’ll be able to create comprehensive, drill-down reports, as well as live, historical, and statistical reports. iboss analytics capabilities can help administrators instantly identify users attempting to circumvent security via evasive protocols, and can auto-trigger Video Desktop Recording (DMCR). The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform also offers seamless SIEM integration for forensic-level reporting and native Splunk integration.


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Total control of your upgrade schedules

Unlike cloud-only SWG solutions that rely on multi-tenant sensors, iboss gateways are never shared. This means your data is kept private, reducing your threat profile and giving you total control over when upgrades are deployed. And because you’re not sharing databases or sensors with other organizations, you won’t experience any latency or performance issues.


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Drop-in replacement of legacy SWG appliances

With iboss, you don’t have to change anything about your existing network topology, configuration, or processes. It’s a straight drop-in replacement of legacy SWG appliances. There’s no network rearchitecture required – and you get the added benefit of eliminating costly MPLS links and VPNs. That means zero disruption, faster implementation, and lower costs.


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Support for all devices

iboss provides flexible data redirection for any device, anywhere.  That delivers protection for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook, and Linux devices, with consistent user experience.



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