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A Cybersecurity Solution Flexible Enough to Satisfy All Regulations

As a compliance officer, you’re trusted to ensure that all corporate data is stored and handled in a secure, compliant matter. To safeguard this data, you need a cybersecurity solution that protects your users from hackers employing the latest technologies to routinely breach your perimeter and strip your valuable data. This solution must also provide critical compliance capabilities that satisfy audit requirements and meet the reporting demands of the business. Whether it’s HIPAA, GDPR, CIPA, or PCI, the iboss Distributed Gateway PlatformTM provides maximum cybersecurity efficacy paired with the evidentiary-quality audit trails and reporting you need to satisfy the most rigorous compliance programs.


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Get Customized, Real-Time Reporting

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform streamlines the production of detailed reports for a range of compliance and internal management purposes. The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform enables the creation of comprehensive, drill-down reports, as well as live, historical, and statistical reports. iboss analytics capabilities help instantly identify users attempting to circumvent security via evasive protocols, and can auto-trigger Video Desktop Recording (DMCR). The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform also provides seamless SIEM integration for forensic level reporting and native Splunk integration.


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Control Where Your Data is Stored

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform is built for the cloud and leverages a system of distributed cloud and optional physical gateways. Unlike cloud-only SWG solutions that rely on multitenant sensors, iboss gateways are never shared. This means your data is kept private, and you have total control over where your data is stored. You can choose to keep data within certain geographic boundaries to comply with industry or government regulations.


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Block Inappropriate Content

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform provides advanced content filtering and application management capabilities, making it easy to adhere to CIPA or other regulations that require the filtering of internet content. With stream-based protection across all TCP and UDP ports, as well as granular category and user-based filtering, iboss puts you in control of what content is accessed, and by whom.


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Protect Data Across All Locations

Whether it’s HIPAA, GDPR, or other data privacy regulations, maintaining data privacy is a top priority. The need to protect customer data requires even more vigilance when it comes to remote offices. Branch offices, operating at the network’s edge, typically have weaker defenses than main office locations and can be a point of vulnerability within the corporate network. Relying on legacy, appliance-based SWG solutions is impractical, ineffective, and expensive for protecting critical assets outside of headquarters. In contrast, the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform is built for distributed organizations and can secure remote offices and mobile workers with cloud gateways, while data at headquarters can be protected by optional physical gateways.


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iboss is certified to exceed federal standards across multiple industries, giving you the confidence that your critical business data is secure. iboss certifications include:

  • FIPS 140-2 – US government computer security standard used to approve cryptographic modules
  • Common Criteria – international standard for computer security certification
  • ISO 9001 – international standard for quality management systems
  • ISO 27001 – standard for information security management systems, including provisioning of controls for the protection of information, infrastructure, systems, and employees engaged in accessing, receiving, transferring, storing, and destroying digital information


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