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The iboss Secure Cloud Gateway Platform provides the most comprehensive content filtering, malware detection and advanced threat protection available. We marry these capabilities with a wealth of application- and user-aware management features that are geared toward meeting the needs of increasingly distributed organizations, stopping malware from entering networks, and preventing data loss on the way out. Because we offer non-shared, cloud web gateways, customers can manage and control their data without interference from users sharing the cloud, putting complete control of traffic behavior and server upgrades in the user’s hands.  


Advanced Threat Protection

Our cloud secure web gateways combine a proprietary malware registry with industry-best signature databases to deliver signature-based malware prevention and breach detection.

SSL traffic filtering and management, for instance, is an essential feature now that the majority of web traffic turns to secure socket layer security certification for encryption. Our industry-best SSL decryption leverages microsegmentation to give users greater control over traffic, based on content type, device, user, or group. We take this a step further by employing proxy and stream-based protection to align with an organization’s internal policies and security settings.


Data Privacy & Protection Compliance

Our gateways were created with regulatory compliance in mind, not to mention the ability to deliver the necessary protections across applications and device type. These include industry- and country-specific laws and regulations regarding data protection, including CIPA, HIPAA, COPPA, FERaP, PIPEDA, and PIPA, along with certification from NIST and a number of third-party verifiers.


Cloud Application & Social Media Controls

By referencing active live directories and permissions as dictated by the admin, our secure web gateways can apply granular control over specific applications and social media channels. This goes deeper than just blocking or allowing entire domains or blindly prohibiting social media access. Users can disable messaging or posting functions on Facebook, for instance, without blocking complete access to the site. Our filters will also reference a list of keywords based upon customers’ needs as traffic comes through the cloud secure web gateway, blocking URLs based on content rather than just domain.


Support for Mobile Devices

We use the same customer-specific references from the active directory and proxy settings to extend security policy across all corporate-owned, bring-your-own (BYO) or guest devices accessing the network. This is true across platforms, too, with compatibility extending to iOS, Android and Chromebook devices. Even adding or removing devices can be done seamlessly, as users can integrate their accounts using OAuth or the existing Network Access Controller to ensure they are adhering to the organization’s best practices.


Centralized management in the cloud

Because our secure web gateway features are all inclusive, users can manage their network security from a central console. This assures seamless policy management across all locations and users from a fully-responsive, single pane of glass. This includes management of bi-directional company policy, system-delegated administrators and reporting groups, and even consistent branding on sign-in and block pages.



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