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Data Loss
Prevention & Protection

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform delivers a bevy of features as part of our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution that detect and thwart the transfer of an organization’s sensitive data in and out of the cloud. This is to ensure that proprietary information, intellectual property, and any other important content is secured and maintained within organizationally approved cloud services, delivering targeted content analysis for all users and devices, regardless of location, without the need for backhaul.  


Built-in Detection and Analysis

Our DLP solution employs advanced detection engines that can quickly flag the transfer of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), credit card numbers and stripe data – among other content types – before it exits the network. These engines process entire files, ensuring that even compressed content is vetted, to issue alerts and halt instances of data exfiltration when they become apparent.


Regulatory Compliance

With an array of new laws and regulations the world over putting a greater emphasis on data protection and privacy, including the wide-ranging General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Union, all organizations need to shift focus to ensuring they are compliant. Our data loss protection solution intuitively recognizes patterns that indicate data exfiltration – whether from malicious actors or even careless employees – while leveraging content analysis engines that inspect an array of file types, from Zip and RAR files to Outlook data and Windows PE Executables.


Targeted Content Analysis and Permissions

Organizations can tailor their data loss prevention policies to create custom rules that selectively evaluate files based on their content types, request methods, destinations and search patterns. This gives controllers the power to increase the specificity of their content analysis and dictate permission levels across user groups.


Data Loss Protection Across Devices, Users and Locations

Because our DLP solutions are accessed via a single platform, this ensures the security policies are consistent across users, locations and devices, delivering protection even when employees are on the road. The elastic, node-based architecture of the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform removes the need for expensive backhaul solutions that may hinder DLP implementation, allowing businesses to apply protocols across the network in a matter of hours.



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