Goodbye Gateway Appliances.
   Hello Secure Cloud Gateway.

Cloud Based
Web Filtering

The iboss Secure Cloud Gateway leverages the agility of the cloud for a wealth of web filtering capabilities, as well as the ability to customize permissions and block URLs as users see fit. This is ideal for the distributed business, as cloud based web filtering helps assure policy adherence across devices and users accessing sensitive data through the cloud secure web gateway.

Ideal for Distributed Organizations

Regardless of the industry or vertical, network access across organizations is increasingly done on mobile devices or from remote offices. By relying on cloud based web filtering, organizations don’t need to purchase expensive backhaul technologies or appliances to assure security: Our SaaS, subscription-based solutions can extend access and policy uniformity to remote workers on all devices and platforms, referencing more than a dozen different routing channels to assure users are connected.


Eliminating Backhaul

Businesses no longer need to rely on expensive backhaul technologies to assure the traffic entering the network when they explore a cloud gateway solution. All the content evaluation takes place in the cloud before users can access data from their home network, which not only relieves IT of bulky MPLS and VPN connections, but also speeds up the exchange of content.


Customized Filtering and Permissions

Our cloud based web filtering can be customized to include user groups and assign permissions for specific traffic. Streamlined directory authentication is another key feature, as it allows organizations to authenticate users in a timely manner, while management of the directory from a single platform assures user policies are consistent across organizations.


SSL-based Decryption

With more than 60 percent of web traffic now relying on secure socket layer (SSL) certification for security encryption, a comprehensive web filter must be fully SSL literate to block potential threats. Our cloud based web filtering solutions scan the more than 131,000 data channels that threats can enter a customer’s network from.

We take this a step further by allowing users to vet data with an eye toward prioritizing certain traffic and throttling as needed, helping to avoid latency that often comes with solutions that aren’t designed with SSL in mind.



With regulations like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) forcing organizations across the world to reevaluate how they collect and store user data, compliance is a bigger priority for businesses today than ever before. By leveraging cloud gateways, businesses can more easily upgrade their policies across users and devices without rearchitecting their networks from the top-down. This is important when it comes to CIPA compliance, as well, as schools can scale up their protections as they see fit and modify their security protocols across devices in real time, on a single platform.

Our Secure Cloud Gateway allows users to drop-in new cloud based web filtering solutions that can be activated almost immediately, helping organizations meet compliance standards as they evolve without having to invest in time- and resource-consuming network overhauls.



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