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Advanced Threat

The cybersecurity threat landscape today is constantly evolving, and the viruses and malware that pose the greatest risk to network security can’t be thwarted by just one or even two methods. That’s why the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform deploys a slew of signature- and behavior-based approaches to assure networks remain secure, helping customers defend their data today while keeping an eye toward future attacks.


A Collection of Defense Solutions

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform employs reputation defense databases, top signature databases and a proprietary malware registry to catch malware as it enters the network and prevent data exfiltration on the way out. Our threat defense features leverage advanced content analysis and sandboxing capabilities to vet user-downloaded files for potential malware, and to prevent them from wreaking havoc on the network once identified.


Top References for Reputation Defense

Alongside signature-based analysis, the iboss platform leverages reputation defense via our industry partnerships to check the reputations of online resources and ensure that only safe and legitimate materials cross the network perimeter. Users can then employ malware sandboxing on-demand when it appears suspicious files are attempting to enter the network, allowing users to manually drop files into the sandbox for execution and analysis.

Unlike other solutions, the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform is able to intercept and contain files rather than simply warn teams when malware is detected. This increases threat visibility while reducing noise and the resources required for threat remediation.


Integrated with Reporting and Analytics

Our advanced threat defense features are integrated with the Reporting and Analytics console and the Incident Response Center, allowing users to easily generate and distribute customized threat and attack reports to help IT and network security teams shorten their response time.


Empowering Informed Decision Making

All of these capabilities empower network administrators to customize their security protocols on a rolling basis, making decisions that are informed by the most comprehensive malware detection solutions available today. The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform allows customers to initiate security actions in real-time and process requests with greater insight thanks to the dual-layer nature of the platform, leading the industry when it comes to security defense, prevention and planning.



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