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Advanced Malware

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform leads the industry when it comes to Advanced Malware Protection, referencing top reputation defense and signature databases alongside our own proprietary malware registry to analyze and identify threats. These features leverage advanced content analysis and sandboxing capabilities to inspect all user-downloaded files, giving organizations the insight they need to determine whether specific files pose a threat and to act accordingly if so.  


Signature & Behavioral Analysis

Our advanced malware prevention solutions combine a proprietary malware registry with industry-leading signature databases, delivering dual-layer malware detection and breach prevention in an isolated environment that gives customers a closer vantage to monitor suspicious activity. We lean on our top-tier industry partnerships and global cloud threat intelligence to check the reputations of online resources, ensuring networks are only exposed to legitimate content.


Detection Methods

Intrusion detection and prevention (IDPS) works in real time to protect against intrusions, malware, and viruses, providing full event details, including visual rule creation and editing, as well as category-based malware rules. We also incorporate infected machine auto-locking and SDN integration to block Internet communication and quarantines internal outbreaks.


Command and Control

Our advanced malware protection suite allows users stop threats like network probes and port scans using Command and Control (CnC) callback monitoring to give users visibility into the more than 131,000 data channels where threats can enter the network. These functions leverage geolocation to identify callback origination across all ports and protocols, with the ability to scan for threats using DNS, IP, SSH, IMAP and POP protocols, among many, many others.


On-Demand Malware Sandboxing

While standard solutions will scan data packets, our advanced malware detection programs analyze and take apart entire files to ensure suspicious data doesn’t enter the network. Users can drop suspicious files into the Sandbox feature, which allows them to execute and analyze files manually within a simulated network environment. If the file is malware, any damage it does in the Sandbox happens in a vacuum, allowing managers to flag the file and block it from entering or leaving the network.


Integrated Reporting

All of our advanced malware defense solutions are integrated with the Reporting and Analytics console for easy generation and distribution of valuable logs that can be used to dictate security policies in the future and track incidents as they happen in real-time. These reports reduce noise while delivering deep forensic analysis to minimize false positives, shortening time to remediation by delivering focused results that correlate alert information to the organization’s directory.



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