Goodbye Gateway Appliances.
   Hello Secure Cloud Gateway.

Cloud Security for Retail

Secure All Locations, Users and Devices Direct to Cloud

The retail industry has experienced some of the most damaging data breaches in history, resulting in the theft of hundreds of millions of credit and debit card numbers and other confidential, personally-identifiable customer information. The best-publicized of these cyber attacks has cost one retailer over $250 million – in addition to brand damage, customer attrition, ongoing litigation, and regulatory fallout.

Many reasons retail has become a target of attacks is due to its distributed environment with remote employees, hundreds of stores and thousands of point-of-sale terminals. Simultaneously, to thrive, retailers are requiring greater connectivity to the cloud than ever before. Yet, traditional security solutions meant retailers have had to backhaul traffic from its retail sites to centrally deployed appliances or worse, shipped appliances to individual retail stores.  These approaches are not only costly but inefficient to maintain while also creating security blind spots across the network.



Simplify Security Through the Cloud 

Shifting to the iboss’s Secure Cloud Gateway allows retailers to gain security directly through the cloud and immediately eliminate the need for costly traffic backhaul or to purchase and maintain security appliances. The result is stronger, more consistent security across all devices on the network and increased visibility to detect risk faster all while reducing cost resulting in unmatched value.


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Eliminate Costly Traffic Backhaul

To reduce the cost of purchasing and deploying appliances, retailers traditionally backhauled traffic from retail stores through MPLS lines to central sites where it was filtered through appliances then back out to its Internet destination. This was not only inefficient but also costly and added latency especially during peak business hours. iboss’s Cloud Security allows traffic from retail stores to go directly to the cloud where it is scanned by iboss’s Secure Cloud Gateway platform. This results in more consistent security with lower latency and eliminates the expense of backhauling or MPLS lines which saves thousands per year.  


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Stop Purchasing Expensive Appliances

As the demands for the Internet increase, which is driven by software moving to the cloud, bandwidth speeds increasing and the amount of Internet traffic leveraging Secure Socket Layer (SSL), appliance-based security solutions respond by requiring retailers to purchase and deploy more appliances. This approach is not scalable and the cost to secure the organization increase exponentially as demands increase. Shifting to iboss’s Secure Cloud Gateway eliminates the need to purchase appliances allowing retailers lower cost while increasing connectivity resulting in an unmatched return on investment (ROI).  



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Secure guest Wifi in seconds

While guest WiFi is a common offering in most retail sites, securing WiFi can create complexity with traditional security appliances due to the lack of physical access to guest devices. In addition, opening up guest WiFi can increase the amount of traffic that appliances have to handle resulting in the need to purchase more appliances.  By shifting security to iboss cloud, retailers can extend security across any device leaving retail locations in seconds even if physical access to devices is limited.





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