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The retail industry has experienced some of the most damaging data breaches in history, resulting in the theft of hundreds of millions of credit and debit card numbers and other confidential, personally-identifiable customer information. The best-publicized of these cyberattacks has cost one retailer in excess of $250 million – in addition to brand damage, customer attrition, ongoing litigation, and regulatory fallout.

Retail is one of the most complex IT environments to secure. Thousands of point-of-sale terminals provide opportunities for hacking. Large, distributed retail network environments with hundreds of locations – sometimes offering free in-store Wi-Fi – span entire continents. Online stores and mobile apps add to the vulnerability. Meanwhile, many retailers are providing tablets and laptops to their employees, or supporting BYOD policies in-store. All of these factors multiply the number of threat vectors that need to be addressed.

iboss Secures Retail

With the iboss Distributed Gateway PlatformTM, retailers can build a comprehensive, manageable cybersecurity defense strategy that provides protection across all locations, channels, and devices. Delivering the industry's first secure web gateway as a service, iboss addresses:


Advanced Malware Protection Icon

Advanced malware defense

Because today's sophisticated hackers use hidden data channels and unseen ports to deliver malware, standard web security solutions that watch only web ports 80 and 443 don't have visibility or control that can stop these evasive threats. The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform is the only solution that provides visibility and control across all 131,070 data channels, and hidden protocols to detect and stop the evasive malware. Our integrated security tools, including IPS and behavioral sandboxing, detect the signatureless, evasive threats other solutions miss.


Icon of Distributed Cyber Security

Distributed network protection

Your distributed network is always changing as retail locations are opened and closed. iboss brings advanced threat defense to new stores quickly and easily, without the need for backhaul appliances or expensive VPN and MPLS links. You can pursue your business expansion plans without limitations – and implement enterprise-wide security policies.


Icon of mobile device management

Mobile device management

Uncontrolled user devices are a risk across organizations and locations. iboss minimizes your vulnerability by providing mobile device management, enabling you to control the use of company-owned or BYOD mobile devices that access corporate resources.


Icon of Reporting and Analytics

Greater visibility and reporting

No matter how big your distributed network is, you can rely on iboss to provide visibility across all data channels. Plus, customizable reporting and analytics deliver actionable threat intelligence across all users, devices, and locations in real time.


Maintenance and Upgrade Icon

Control over maintenance and upgrade schedules

Legacy secure web gateway (SWG) cloud providers often perform upgrades on weekends – prime business time for retailers, when you simply can’t risk downtime. This multi-tenant cloud approach is problematic, causing unplanned downtime and service interruptions. In contrast, with the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform, non-shared gateways mean you’re in complete control of your system upgrade windows.



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