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Unlike in other regulated industries, cybersecurity in manufacturing is focused on protecting intellectual property (IP) such as proprietary designs and formulas found in CAD files and source code. Safeguarding that information from malicious insiders, external hackers, and state-sponsored espionage is critical to ensuring that digital information can be accessed securely throughout the supply chain.

The manufacturing cybersecurity landscape is further evolving with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile workers, and the accompanying trend of merging manufacturers’ Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) networks. And as you seek to unify IT and OT networks, you also run the risk of exposing your production resources to new threats. The convergence of these two networks – everything from email and office applications, to systems for automobile production and chemical manufacturing – requires a distributed and deeper level of security.

iboss Secures Manufacturing

The merging of IT and OT networks provides an opportunity to implement a rigorous, distributed cybersecurity defense strategy with the iboss Distributed Gateway PlatformTM. It enables you to ensure protection across all locations, networks, and devices, while delivering flexible scalability as the first web gateway as a service. It addresses:


Icon of Distributed Cyber Security

Distributed cybersecurity

Most manufacturers operate multiple locations, including production facilities, distribution centers, and remote sales offices. You can deploy iboss across all of these locations – quickly and easily – without the need to backhaul data to legacy secure web gateway (SWG) appliances using expensive VPN and MPLS links.


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IoT device monitoring

Smart Manufacturing leverages IoT devices to improve the efficiency and productivity of manufacturing operations. From tracking assets in factories to increasing analytics functionality with predictive maintenance, Smart Manufacturing can yield massive gains for manufacturing companies. However, the use of IoT in manufacturing opens up potential vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. In fact, one of the top barriers to IoT adoption for manufacturers is cybersecurity.


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Advanced malware defense

Because today's sophisticated hackers use hidden data channels and unseen ports to deliver malware, basic web security solutions that watch only web ports 80 and 443 don't have visibility or control that can stop these evasive threats. The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform is the only solution that provides visibility and control across all 131,070 data channels, and hidden protocols to detect and stop the evasive malware other solutions miss.  Data hijacking protection ensures that sensitive manufacturing data cannot be exfiltrated from the network.


Icon of mobile device management

Mobility in manufacturing

Mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets are increasingly important components of the manufacturing process. The proliferation of these devices, if left unsecured, can pose a massive risk for organizations. iboss minimizes your vulnerability by providing mobile device management, enabling you to monitor, manage, and control the use of company-owned or BYOD mobile devices anywhere, any time. From easy authentication leveraging directory services to application locking or pushing, the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform protects your production team and overall supply chain process.



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