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K-12 Solutions

Ensure CIPA Compliance in Today’s Complex School Environments

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) has been in force since 2000. But in the intervening years, the network environment at K-12 schools has only grown more complex. More students are using school-supplied laptops and tablets at home. Students and staff are increasingly bringing smartphones to school and connecting them to their schools’ Wi-Fi networks. More schools are moving from paper-based to computerized testing. And the growing sophistication of hackers is putting more confidential student data at risk.

Schools need a cybersecurity solution that maintains CIPA compliance and protects sensitive data in these complex environments – without incurring excessive costs or requiring more administrative resources.

iboss Secures K-12 Schools

iboss has a history of success in protecting school networks from Seattle to Boston. We deliver the first 100% subscription-based web gateway as a service, securing more school network traffic than any other cybersecurity solution, with proven deployments spanning millions of devices and at speeds of over 100 Gbps. And no other solution has received more third-party validations, including the FIPS 140-2 government security standard and Common Criteria international standard.

The iboss Distributed Gateway PlatformTM meets the needs of K-12 schools with capabilities that include:


Icon of CIPA Compliance

CIPA compliance

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform enforces CIPA compliance across all devices – on campus or off. It integrates seamlessly with directory services, and you can apply policies by user or group to ensure proper filtering. With the fastest and most scalable selective SSL decryption, iboss can filter encrypted traffic, such as Google, and remove network blind spots by providing visibility across all ports and protocols.


Icon of one-to-one support

Support for one-to-one computing initiatives

Schools that provide laptops for students to use at home still must enforce CIPA compliance on those devices off campus. iboss offers that protection – for all device types – by securing off-network users in the cloud. This avoids the costs and resource demands associated with backhauling data.


Icon of computer testing

Support for computer testing

As schools move from paper-based to computer testing, the challenge of simultaneously ensuring adequate computer performance and CIPA compliance can become an issue. iboss offers Quality of Service bandwidth shaping and optimization to ensure that bandwidth is available during peak traffic hours or during critical activities.


Icon of mobile device management

Mobile device management

As more schools allow students and staff to bring their own devices and access schools’ Wi-Fi networks, they must be able to enforce CIPA compliance on those devices. With iboss, you get integrated BYOD management that extends your cybersecurity policies across all mobile users.


Advanced threat protection icon

Defense against non-standard protocols

Students often use the same applications with non-standard protocols that hackers use to circumvent content filters – putting CIPA compliance at risk. Unlike DNS filtering-based solutions that are easily bypassed by proxies, the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform uses multi-layered application management to immediately identify and stop these attempts using a global database.


Advanced Malware Protection Icon

Advanced malware protection

Using traditional methods, thwarting malware attacks can be costly and labor-intensive. iboss enables customers to seamlessly add malware detection and prevention capabilities to their core content filtering subscriptions. iboss provides command and control (CnC) callback monitoring and global cloud threat intelligence to analyze and predict threat behavior. A time-saving Incident Response Center enables real-time malware detection for prioritized response.


Shield Icon of Data Loss Prevention

Student Data Loss Prevention

Student information systems contain sensitive personal data, including addresses, social security numbers, and dates of birth. iboss offers advanced behavioral protection to ensure that student data is not exfiltrated from the network. Simple configuration rules can set data flow restrictions in accordance with multiple criteria and thresholds.


Icon of Web Filtering

Learning enablement

Often blocking access to certain web content inadvertently prevents access to other parts that have educational merit. With iboss, granular policy controls ensure that inappropriate content is filtered without inhibiting consumption of appropriate content. Selective SSL decryption enables more granular filtering, and iboss ensures safe use of Google services, including image search and translation filtering.


How Boston Public Schools Leverages Web Security to Ensure Greater Accessibility   

We visited Boston Public Schools to learn how they are implementing cybersecurity strategies to ensure compliance to CIPA while provisioning a mixture of computing devices to students including iPads, Chromebooks, and Macs. 




National Mission Sponsor


iboss is a proud sponsor of the NACC. The mission of the NACC is to ensure public education institutions across the nation have the tools and information needed to ensure advanced cyber threat protection for their networks, student information systems, and resources. Comprised of current and former leaders from school districts around the country, the NACC focuses on several initiatives to protect school networks and student data.


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