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Secure Patient Data and Ensure Compliance

The healthcare IT environment is becoming more distributed, mobile, and cloud-based, which puts patient information at greater risk than ever before. From Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) to life-saving, medical IoT devices, you need a distributed security solution that protects your network regardless of the devices that are connected and where they’re in use.

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform is the powerful, flexible, and effective way to keep protected health information (PHI) confidential, maintain full regulatory compliance, and ensure your organization is securely running at maximum efficiency.

iboss Secures Healthcare

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform addresses the most common cybersecurity needs facing today’s healthcare providers, and can scale to protect organizations from the threats of tomorrow as the first and only web gateway as a service.


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HIPAA compliance

All healthcare providers are mandated by HIPAA or similar international regulations to protect patient privacy – or risk serious consequences. Yet, research in 2016 showed 90% of healthcare organizations had experienced a breach involving the loss or theft of patient data in the previous two years. Preventing the continuation of this trend requires a different approach. 

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform addresses these issues by protecting PHI that is being transmitted over the network from unauthorized access, providing complete control over where data is stored geographically, and identifying and protecting against reasonably anticipated threats to the security or integrity of the information. Additionally, iboss provides customized reporting to record and examine access and other activity in information systems that contain or use PHI, and supports HIPAA compliance with Business Associates Agreements (BAA). 


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The risk of distributed devices and sensitive data loss

Providing company devices to individuals—or allowing individuals to use their own device—to access patient information creates a risk for any health provider. The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform minimizes your vulnerability by enabling you to control the use of hospital-owned or BYOD mobile devices that provide access to protected health information. iboss protects the mobile devices on and off your network with remote device management, including scanning and wiping, plus granular application management and social media controls based on directory group membership.


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Insider threats & shadow IT

iboss allows you to monitor and enforce Internet content policies—enterprise-wide—at a granular, user-specific level. To help you maintain precise control, you can easily define policies by user or group. With comprehensive cyber risk scoring and behavioral analytics, iboss makes it easy to monitor usage, flag threats, and proactively identify high-risk users or devices. Plus, the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform also offers the fastest, most scalable selective SSL decryption, plus Native Splunk and SIEM integration for forensic-level reporting.


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Protecting against advanced threats

Healthcare relies on more unique, distributed devices than any other industry. This creates an attack surface that spans everything from laptops to smartphones to MRI machines. iboss protects against advanced threats and reduces dwell time by monitoring all network traffic for malware and command and control (CnC) callbacks, plugging vulnerabilities by managing access to personal services such as Gmail and Google Drive, and monitoring and isolating medical and other IoT devices that pose risks.  Additionally, iboss provides protection for out of date browsers and operating systems, and translates and prioritizes security event logs into incidents for streamlined remediation.



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