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Financial Services

Protecting Customer and Other Regulated Data

Cybercrime in the financial sector is especially pervasive. Thieves continue to target banks and financial services to steal funds, leveraging holes in cybersecurity for the quickest route to monetary gain instead of the “stick ‘em up” tactics of the past. And because so much of the business conducted by these entities now takes place over digital channels, the burden carried by financial IT is especially hard, as they must balance security and performance to assure customers are safe and satisfied.

At the same time, financial firms are under increasing scrutiny and pressure to comply with many data privacy and protection regulations, such as PCI DSS, FINRA, GLBA, GDPR, and other US and EU mandates. These challenges require a different approach — one that secures the decentralized nature of today’s financial industry.

iboss Secures Financial Networks

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform is the first 100-percent, subscription-based web gateway as a service, delivering the manageability and reporting features that enable financial companies to be secure and compliant, including:


Content Filtering Icon

Content filtering and application management

Web browsing for financial services is business critical, as many end user applications are accessed via a browser. Effective security must ensure employees can access business content and applications during normal business hours, while securing their endpoints from malicious websites, assuring data privacy, and preventing the loss of proprietary or sensitive data. The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform is the most comprehensive solution available for content filtering and granular applications, controlling access to social media, file sharing, and evasive or malicious websites and applications.


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Protecting the mobile workforce

The proliferation of mobile devices can pose a massive risk for financial institutions if devices aren’t secured. iboss minimizes your vulnerability by providing Mobile Device Management, enabling customers to monitor, manage, and control the use of corporate-owned or BYOD mobile devices anywhere, any time.

Because the Distributed Gateway Platform gives customers dedicated, non-shared web gateways that are delivered through the cloud, businesses can take advantage of IP whitelisting and blacklisting to limit the access of certain data based upon traffic origin. From easy authentication leveraging directory services, to wiping of lost or stolen devices, the iboss Distributed Gateway protects your most sensitive customer and other regulated data.


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Phishing and social engineering protection

Combining web and content filters, anti-virus software, and security analytics, iboss can block access to malicious, fraudulent websites. The Distributed Gateway Platform provides advanced malware protection using blended, best-of-breed signature databases that update dynamically for continuous, real-time protection.


Probing for Advanced Threats Icon

Probing for and protecting against advanced threats

iboss monitors all network traffic for malware, and plugs vulnerabilities by blocking access to personal services, such as Gmail and Google Drive, from the enterprise network. And its patch management, incident response, and security analytics capabilities quickly identify vulnerabilities that need to be patched.

Because today's sophisticated hackers use hidden data channels and unseen ports to deliver malware, basic web security solutions that watch only web ports 80 and 443 don't have visibility or control that can stop these evasive threats. The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform is the only solution that provides visibility and control across all 131,070 data channels, and hidden protocols to detect and stop the evasive malware other solutions miss. 



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