Goodbye Gateway Appliances.
   Hello Secure Cloud Gateway.


By Need

iboss Secure Web Gateway Solutions

iboss gateways guard the modern distributed organization

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Data Loss Prevention & Protection

iboss stops data exfiltration attempts in their tracks

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Advanced Malware Protection

iboss detects malware using a dual-layer approach to cybersecurity

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Cloud Based Web Filtering

iboss ensures thorough web filtering wherever traffic originates

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Advanced Threat Protection

iboss deploys leading signature and behavior-based defenses to stop advanced threats

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By Industry


iboss thwarts cyberattacks while supporting compliance and mobility.

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iboss secures government infrastructure — and mobile users — at all levels.

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iboss ensures HIPAA compliance in today’s distributed, mobile environments.

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iboss guards against malware, secures mobile devices, and makes CIPA compliance manageable.

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iboss delivers enterprise-wide cybersecurity for the age of IoT.

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iboss strengthens your defenses in a multichannel world.

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By Role


iboss provides an immediate ROI – and scales easily as you grow.

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iboss delivers comprehensive protection while easing management and growth.

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iboss fulfills the needs of regulated industries with full control and simple reporting.

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