Professional Services Overview

Migrating to a modern cloud gateway platform can appear to be a difficult task. The existing solution may be filled with years of policies and network security rules that need to be moved to the new solution. To make things worse, the individuals who implemented the existing solution may no longer be with the company taking legacy knowledge with them. Fortunately, migrating to the iboss cloud is easy and the capabilities offered allow all policies and Internet security rules to be migrated quickly. For organizations that need help performing the migration or would like this completed for them, iboss offers professional services delivered through an expert engineering team. The professional services team can lead the implementation effort or serve as a co-pilot to ensure policy sets are migrated, migration speed is accelerated, and ensure that the migration process is completed without a hitch.

Professional Services can include:

  • Leading the migration effort or serve as co-pilot to the organization’s IT team to assist and answer questions during implementation
  • A review of the organization’s implementation goals to ensure a successful and effective outcome after migration
  • An implementation plan, including scope and schedule
  • A thorough review of existing network topology resulting recommendations for an efficient deployment strategy
  • A review of existing web gateway policies with a strategy of how to map those policies to iboss cloud which includes maintaining and augmenting capabilities
  • Migration of existing policies to the iboss cloud
  • Assistance in connecting users to the iboss cloud, including iboss cloud connectors and tunnels
  • Rollout assistance as users are onboarded to the iboss cloud platform

Typical Challenges Migrating to a New Internet Gateway Solution

Migrating existing web and Internet gateways to a new platform can bring about uncertainty to IT teams and organizations. Typically the existing system has been in place for several years resulting in the following fears and challenges:

  • Since the Internet gateway is the pathway to the Internet and business critical cloud applications rely on this connectivity, will this change interrupt the business and its processes?
  • The policies that are in place with the existing solution may have been implemented over years and has stabilized over time. How will a new solution impact the user experience?
  • The staff that implemented the solution and many of its policies may have left the organization with institutional knowledge. How will this impact migrating legacy policies to the new platform?
  • How many IT staff will be devoted to this effort and how long will it take to implement the new solution?
  • What are the labor costs related to the migration to the new platform?
  • What are the other unknowns that might be experienced when moving to a new platform?

Fortunately, the iboss team has performed a large number of successful migrations from legacy web gateway systems to the iboss cloud. This includes migrating 100% of the policies from virtually every alternative web gateway vendor. In addition, the team has dealt with a large array of deployment methods and strategies and has expertise in cloud, mobility, SaaS application use and dealing with migrating to the iboss cloud.

The iboss professional services team can answer all of the questions and easily overcome any of the challenges that may appear during a migration. They work side by side with existing IT staff to support a smooth transition and a successful deployment. They can do as much or as little of the heavy lifting as needed to complete the migration quickly and easily.

iboss Professional Services

Implementation Co-Pilot Services

The iboss professional services team will work side by side with the organization and IT staff to ensure a smooth and quick transition to the industry leading iboss cloud platform. This includes remote phone support with dedicated members of the professional services engineering team. Any questions will be answered quickly along the way and unexpected challenges will be easily resolved.

Ensure Business Continuity During Transition

The iboss professional services team will work to ensure Internet interruptions are avoided during the transition. Pre-planning and extensive experience allows the iboss professional services team to serve as a trusted advisor to the IT team responsible for implementing the iboss cloud platform. Internet speeds and user experience will increase substantially once the iboss cloud is fully implemented as the benefits of cloud security are fully realized.

Policy Review and Migration

The iboss professional services team has extensive experience reviewing and interpreting existing policies that are in place within the existing web gateway solution. This includes policy formats from virtually every other web gateway vendor. The iboss professional services team will interpret the policies and provide a migration plan so that the same policies are in effect when the transition to iboss cloud completes. In addition, the professional services team can translate and import the policies into the iboss cloud platform offloading this effort from IT staff. Finally, the iboss professional services team has worked with the most complex policies from the largest organizations and can dissect policies that may have been implemented by staff no longer working at the organization that have taken legacy knowledge with them.

Increase Implementation Speeds while Reducing Costs and Overhead

The SaaS based nature of the iboss cloud will reduce IT overhead so the need to manage infrastructure is eliminated and infinite scale is achieved. The professional services team can start delivering value immediately by increasing the implementation speed and reducing the labor costs and overhead related to the deployment. The iboss professional services team has also been through a lot of scenarios and can help look around corners providing all of the the insight necessary to ensure a fast and successful implementation.


Professional Services Starter Contact Us

Recommended for organizations with up to 5,000 users:

  • Total Consulting Time – 5 days
  • Design Time – 2 days
  • Deployment Time – 3 days
  • Handover Training – 1 day
  • Online Training – Included

Services are performed remotely.

Professional Services Advanced Contact Us

Recommended for organizations with up to 25,000 users:

  • Total Consulting Time – 10 days
  • Design Time – 4 days
  • Deployment Time – 6 days
  • Handover Training – 2 day
  • Online Training – Included

Services are performed remotely.

Professional Services Custom Agreement Contact Us

Fully flexible terms including professional services on an on-going basis and on-site deployment assistance.

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