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Facing Talent Shortage, Security Teams Seek New Solutions in 2018

Only a couple weeks into 2018, it’s become clear that cybersecurity is going to be a bigger issue globally than anyone had anticipated this year, following the latest news that major vulnerabilities to almost all computing hardware in use today can be exploited via the Spectre and Meltdown bugs.

This complicates an already troubling issue for many organizations, as numerous reports have shown that businesses in every sector are facing a staggering shortage of security professionals needed to help staff already bare-bones IT teams.

In fact, a recent study from Forbes found that through 2019, experts predict there will be a shortage of 2 million qualified cybersecurity staff needed at organizations. Already, experts estimate that there are roughly 40,000 information security analyst positions that go unfilled on an annual basis, and an existing deficit of roughly 200,000 jobs in other cybersecurity roles open as the new year unfolds.

The problem isn’t a lack of desirability – in fact, the cybersecurity industry is one of the only sectors that enjoys a 0 percent unemployment rate, according to the Gartner report, indicating that once talent is found and brought on board, they generally stay committed to their organization. It’s simply a lack of talent who specialize in this increasingly lucrative arena, forcing organizations to explore new tactics and solutions to thwart cybersecurity threats while the pool of available talent catches up with demand.

Thankfully, how cybersecurity is delivered – and how networks are managed broadly – is changing significantly. Cloud-based, SaaS solutions are finally coming to market that give organizations agile and flexible controls to simplify policy management and visibility across your organizations including its mobile workforce all while enhancing network defenses. The benefits here are many, especially in the context of creating a more efficient cybersecurity workforce with the ability to respond to threats faster.

Not unlike how Microsoft Office 365 allows organizations to bring their business apps to the cloud – essentially enabling teams to outsource email servers and the associated manpower to manage them – cloud-based security solutions give best-of-breed defenses to network teams that might otherwise be stretched thin.

As organizations build and expand their cybersecurity teams, it’s important to review the tools they will be leveraging to accomplish their mission. Organizations need their security management to be holistic – not splintered between multiple consoles – to most effectively watch for activity that could indicate harm to the network. Many of the latest web gateway solutions, for instance, can be coordinated and managed from a single pane of glass, regardless of if they are cloud-born gateways or on-premises appliances.

This is an evolution from the legacy approach which required large investments in hardware and separate management consoles, leading to higher more administrative overhead and less visibility across the network.

Once all of these factors are considered, it becomes clear that cloud-based security solutions with unified management consoles are critical for organizations to fill help close the cybersecurity talent shortage efficiently and affordably.

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As president and co-founder of iboss, Peter Martini has played a major role in developing iboss’ innovative technology, and has helped shepherd iboss’ phenomenal growth, since its founding. He has been awarded dozens of patents focused on network and mobile security, and with his brother, has been recognized by the industry with several prestigious awards, including, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year and one of Goldman Sachs 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs. More recently, iboss was ranked number three for security companies in the Deloitte Fast 500.