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Security Challenges in the Spotlight at Bett

Bett, is coming up in just a few weeks. Beginning on 24 January, nearly 35,000 people will come together in London to discuss the leading trends in education technology around the world and how the edtech industry can work together to improve the education of students.

Around the world, students have become accustomed to having the same level of technology in the classroom as they have at home. Schools are being forced to adopt technology rapidly which can create several challenges:

Content Filtering

The need to control student access to inappropriate or illegal online content is obvious but schools need to be able to strike a balance between blocking inappropriate content and providing students access to valuable online education resources. Many of today’s students are more technology savvy than parents or teachers, they can find ways around basic content filters. Schools need the ability to block workarounds like proxies to ensure students are safe online.

Student Data

Many overlook the personal information of students, but they are an ideal target for identity theft. Students aren’t known for monitoring their credit scores and hackers know if they can obtain the personal information of students, they can leverage that information for years before anybody notices.

Schools need to understand the risk posed to students who share personal information online and put protections like advanced malware protection and data lass prevention to keep students data safe.


With the increasing reliance on connected education technology, schools have become a big target for ransomware. Hackers understand that can cripple a school’s ability to operate effectively by holding education resources or stored data hostage. Many in the UK are very aware of ransomware following the attack on the NHS, but schools need to understand they can just as easily become the next ransomware victim.

Cyber Bullying

As students become connected 24/7, cyber bullying has become an epidemic across the world. Schools need to take it upon themselves to have a system in place that can detect or prevent cyber bullying. This is another area where content filtering is key. By scanning network activity for key terms, schools can identify potential cyber bullying and put a stop to it before it escalates.


There will be hundreds of amazing new education technologies on display at Bett and we can’t wait to see them all. But, we’ll also be considering the security implications of these technologies. If you want to learn how schools can create a safe online learning environment for students stop by stand C250 or reach out to schedule a meeting with us at Bett.

In the meantime, you can learn more about how iboss works with education by downloading our whitepaper “Education is Going Digital. Security Needs to Keep Up.”


Allan Bower is the Regional Director, EMEIA at iboss