Goodbye Gateway Appliances.
   Hello Secure Cloud Gateway.


Cybersecurity in the Age of SaaS

SaaS products and other cloud-delivered applications are being adopted at a rapid pace across industries and at all levels of the organization – from the boardroom to the factory floor. This is driven by the fact that we live in a fast-paced, agile world, where tools and services that can be accessed immediately through the cloud allow organizations to remain competitive.

In the past, businesses were limited by a litany of constraints, ie. budgets and short-staff, that might have hindered a business’ opportunities to adopt the latest and greatest technologies. Often, IT teams would have to build programs from the ground up, host and maintain the computing power necessary for these apps to work, and deploy a security infrastructure that assures customers are using the tools appropriately.

In the age of SaaS, however, as apps move to the cloud, teams have the freedom to essentially offload all this development. In that same vein, already established products can be implemented immediately, and often delivered at a far more cost-effective price point than has been the case in the past.

One major consideration, however, is how teams will be applying the cybersecurity functions and policies that they’ve been using for years – often decades – in the age of the cloud. While teams will need to continue applying the same malware prevention processes, DLP capabilities and compliance standards, IT is often spending way too much time developing the network infrastructure and backhaul networks they think they need to secure their SaaS traffic.

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform features all of the capabilities of a standard SaaS tool – easy implementation, fast time-to-value, cost-effective – but none of the caveats that come with sending traffic though a shared cloud environment. Ours is a distributed architecture that’s designed specifically for the cloud and companies relying on SaaS tools. This makes iboss an elastic, multi-tenant platform that can expand as bandwidth needs grow, giving users the ability to enjoy the same protections wherever they are located.



Paul Martini is the CEO, co-founder and chief architect of iboss, where he pioneered the award-winning iboss Distributed Gateway Platform. Prior to founding iboss, Paul developed a wide-variety of complex security and technology solutions for clients such as Phogenix, the U.S. Navy, and Hewlett Packard. He was also a key contributor at Copper Mountain Networks working on designing and implementing FPGAs and broadband network infrastructure used by Telcos to build the cloud. His work at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) involved building distributed real-time systems for companies such as Rolls Royce. Copper Mountain and SAIC both launched successful IPOs. Paul has been recognized for his leadership and innovation, receiving the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year award and being named one of Goldman Sachs’ 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs. He holds a Computer Science Degree from the University of California, and has had his work published in many scientific journals, including the Journal of Foundations in Computer Science and the Journal of Analytical Biochemistry.