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Considerations When Choosing a SWG

Everyday more employees are using mobile devices to conduct work related tasks at all hours of the day. With more information being shared via mobile devices not only must we be concerned with securing those interactions, we must also plan for the inevitable. According to Juniper Research, 96% of smartphones and tablets do not have third-party security software installed. And it is common knowledge that the majority of users don’t password protect their personal devices.

To combat this growing security risk and meet local or federal compliance requirements you need to have data visibility across your network. Bringing BYOD users into compliance can be as simple as implementing a Secure Web Gateway (SWG) that forces BYOD devices to log onto the network via user name and password making these devices directory aware while they are on the network. The SWG can then also detect and protect sensitive data like SSNs from being transferred across unsecured connections. NexGen network security solutions can identify all devices on the network and remotely lock or wipe compromised organization owned devices regardless of whether or not the designated user is aware of the breach. This type of data management is only possible when the devices on your network are directory aware and identified by user name, rather than just their IP address.

Selecting the right SWG for your network is often confusing particularly if you’re not up to date on the latest security innovations. There are a number of considerations including BYOD Management, HTTPS/SSL Management, Bandwidth Management and Reporting capabilities to name a few. Legacy solutions are ill equipped to meet the performance and integration requirements of today’s high speed networks. Check out our guide “Considerations When Choosing a Secure Web Gateway” to help you select the best solution for your environment.

Knowing you can protect your network brings peace of mind to the IT team, but being able to protect your data brings peace of mind to everyone. Allowing BYOD and mobile devices on your network does increase employee satisfaction, but only when you’ve implemented a NexGen network security solution that protects everyone. Now you can have your device and data security too!

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