Goodbye Gateway Appliances.
   Hello Secure Cloud Gateway.

Unmatched Benefits

Comprehensive Protection. Greater Value.

The iboss Distributed Gateway PlatformTM provides advanced web gateway protection across your distributed organization. Our revolutionary architecture and 100% subscription, web gateway as a service model deliver an array of additional benefits that continue to add value over time:

No more backhaul costs

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform eliminates the need for backhaul appliances and expensive VPN and MPLS links. You get an immediate ROI, but also save the future costs you’d otherwise spend on increasing backhauled bandwidth.


No expensive network reconfiguration

With iboss, you don’t have to change anything about your existing network topology, configuration, or processes. Leveraging optional physical gateways, it's a straight drop-in replacement of legacy secure web gateway appliances. That allows you to implement without network recofiguration, while still getting the benefits of cloud security. The result? Zero disruption, faster implementation, and lower costs.


No more hardware capital expenditures

The iboss web gateway as a service model all-inclusive, meaning you never have to buy or manage SWG appliances ever again. You can add capacity or additional functionality seamlessly – whenever you choose – through your iboss subscription.


Lower data center costs

By eliminating hardware costs, iboss also eliminates the ancillary power, space, and operating costs associated with operating server farms and load balancers.


On-demand scalability

Your capacity and web gateway needs are bound to evolve, just like your business. iboss adapts to these changes quickly and easily, enabling you to scale your capacity and capabilities – up or down – along with your needs and preferences.


Total control

With iboss, you’re no longer subject to hardware vendors’ change management schedules. Our unique, non-shared cloud and physical gateways give you complete control.


Consistent security and user experience

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform enables you to employ uniform features, functions, policies, and security across your enterprise. This results in a consistent user experience and simplifies overall management of your environment.


The security efficacy you expect

The Distributed Gateway Platform delivers advanced security across the most ports and protocols, including all TCP and UDP ports. You'll get advanced threat protection that reduces dwell time and helps you prioritize high-risk incidents.



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