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Revolutionary Architecture

A Distributed Gateway PlatformTM Built for the Cloud

The world is more distributed than ever. Mobile workforces are growing and driving up the demand for cloud applications and data bandwidth. Traditional web gateway solutions cannot keep up with these increasing demands. These on-prem, legacy secure web gateway (SWG) appliances are costlier to purchase, host, and manage – and don’t offer a path to fulfilling the future requirements of distributed organizations.

Most SWG vendors have tried to solve this problem by offering bolt-on cloud hybrid or shared gateway solutions. However, these insufficient approaches only perpetuate the purchase of expensive appliances, management burden, inconsistent end-user experience, and costly network reconfigurations.


The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform enables you to:



iboss takes a unique approach, utilizing a revolutionary node-based architecture that is built for the cloud and delivered via the first 100% subscription-based web gateway as a service. The result is the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform, a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that leverages a system of distributed gateways to secure your distributed organization.

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Built for the Terabit Era

A decade ago, no one could imagine speeds of 100 Gbps or more; however, many of the largest distributed organizations are taking advantage of this bandwidth today. Supporting this throughput requires a totally different architecture – one that is built for massive scale with minimal disruption. The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform is designed to meet the bandwidth demands of today while providing the foundation and flexibility for tomorrow’s requirements.

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform consists of nodes – self-contained, non-shared components that deliver web gateway functionality and link together to provide unified protection for your organization.

Each Node Performs a Specific Function

iboss nodes are non-shared and execute specific security tasks:


    Gateway Nodes proxy, scan, reassemble, and block malicious transfers.

    Reporting Nodes store security events, provide drill-down reports, and scale to meet your security analytics requirements.

    Nodes operate in the cloud and on-prem

    Cloud gateways can be used to secure your entire organization, including remote offices and mobile users, without data backhaul. Physical gateways can be used to secure data at your headquarters, seamlessly replacing legacy SWG appliances without expensive and resource-intensive network reconfigurations.

    Nodes are never shared

    Even in the cloud, nodes are non-shared, and are dedicated to your data alone. That means your data is never mixed with any other organization’s data. And you maintain complete control of platform update and upgrade schedules, eliminating service interruptions to your critical business cycles. 

    Nodes are easily scalable

    Built for today with the terabit generation in mind, nodes use horizontal scaling to divide and conquer bandwidth increases to support business growth. Plus, nodes can easily be added to your environment at any time.

    Nodes support deep integration

    Our node-based architecture makes it easier for you to leverage a layered security approach through complementary third-party technologies. That means you can easily access robust features far beyond what traditional SWGs can deliver. For example, our cyber risk scoring node is based on proven user and entity behavioral analysis (UEBA) algorithms from FICO.

    An Architecture with Unmatched Benefits

    A revolutionary architecture uniquely enables the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform
    to deliver benefits that other cybersecurity solutions simply cannot:


    Easy drop-in replacement – You can replace legacy SWGs with no disruption to existing network topology, configuration, and processes, thereby reducing time and costs to implement.

    No more backhaul costs – iboss eliminates the need to backhaul data using expensive VPN and MPLS links, which delivers immediate ROI. This also reduces future costs due to increasing backhauled bandwidth and the need for additional legacy SWG appliances.

    No sunk hardware costs – You never need to buy another SWG appliance to increase capacity, add new features, or manage legacy EOL upgrades.

    Datacenter savings – iboss eliminates ancillary power, space, and operating costs associated with server farms and load balancers.

    Easy scalability – Elastic scaling enables you to easily add and target capacity and capabilities.

    Total control – Unique, non-shared cloud and local gateways put you in control of change management schedules and improve overall system security.

    Uniform protection – All features, functions, policies, and security are consistent across the entire enterprise.


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