iboss is the only company named a Visionary in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways.



Innovative Capabilities

A Comprehensive Solution for Distributed Cybersecurity

The iboss Distributed Gateway PlatformTM offers the most comprehensive set of features available, delivering consistent protection across your entire enterprise. It contains a full array of content filtering, malware detection, advanced threat protection, and management features.

It's all there – core secure web gateway (SWG) functionality including content filtering across all ports and protocols (TCP and UDP), real-time malware detection and response, behavioral analysis, cloud apps and social media controls, bandwidth optimization and more.  You’ll get the fastest, most scalable SSL decryption with micro segmentation to selectively decrypt based on content, device, user, or group. Plus, iboss is independently certified for the highest detection efficacy of advanced evasive threats (AET) and mobile malware.

Essential Web Gateway Security Features

Proxy and stream-based protection delivers all the core functionality of your existing proxy or web gateway.

Complete web and content filtering – includes stream-based protection across all ports and protocols, granular category- and user-based filtering, real-time trigger-based alerts, and port access management.

SSL traffic management – featuring the fastest, most scalable SSL decryption available and microsegmentation for greater control based on content, device, user, or group.

Compliance with industry regulations for data privacy and protection – supports many industry- and country-specific data privacy and protection laws such as CIPA, HIPAA, COPPA, FERPA, PIPEDA, and PIPA.


Cloud application and social media controls – with advanced application scanning and deep packet inspection, content-aware management of social media applications, granular control over evasive cloud applications, and safe search enforcement.

Mobile device protection – automatically extends security policy for all corporate-owned, BYOD, or guest devices on the Wi-Fi network. Includes iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices. Easily integrate guest users via their own Google account, using OAuth, or seamlessly integrate with existing Network Access Controller (NAC).  A customizable captive portal automatically binds BYOD users to directory services including Active Directory, eDirectory, Open Directory, and LDAP.

Protection for out-of-date browsers and operating systems – including browser end-of-life (EOL) protection and Operating System EOL protection to safeguard legacy investments.

Advanced Threat Protection and More


Signature-based malware prevention and breach detection – combines a proprietary malware registry with best-of-breed industry signature databases.

Command and Control (CnC) callback monitoring – thwarts cyber-attacks such as network probes and port scans. Also includes geolocation to identify callback origination across all ports and protocols, and the ability to scan for threats using DNS, IP, SSH, IMAP, POP, and many other protocols.

Infected machine auto-locking and SDN integration – blocks Internet communication and quarantines internal outbreaks.

Global cloud threat intelligence – analyzes and predicts threat behavior with crowd-sourced threat intelligence for signatures and samples.

Time-saving Incident Response Center – delivers real-time malware detection for prioritized response, with reduced noise and deep forensic analysis to minimize false positives. Shortens time to remediation and saves IT resources by delivering focused results that correlate alert information to directory user/machine name, along with a snapshot of global historical outbreaks.


Intrusion detection and prevention (IDPS) – works in real time to protect against intrusions, malware, and viruses, providing full event detail. Includes visual rule creation and editing, as well as category-based malware rules.

Ultimate data hijacking protection – includes automatic containment of infectious malware to prevent data exfiltration across all ports and protocols, including TCP and UDP ports. Enables data flow restrictions by country, organization, or subnet. Provides simple configuration with out-of-the-box policy templates, or the ability to define customized rules.

Network baselining for anomaly detection – establishes normal network traffic behavior over all channels, with continuous monitoring of packets, bytes, and connections. Anomaly behavior is automatically detected and stopped before loss occurs. Includes real-time alerts and drill-down forensics for anomalous traffic.

Bandwidth optimization – enforces intelligent policies to shape traffic only when needed. Contains 50 predefined categories for easy identification and shaping of traffic, and a real-time, dynamic bandwidth dashboard and plotter for better visibility and control.


Reporting and Management

Customized, real-time reporting – streamlines the process of producing timely, accurate, and professional reports, based on security threats and events, for a range of compliance and internal management purposes. Reporting capabilities include comprehensive, drill-down reports; live, historical, and statistical reports; plus report scheduling and customization. Administrators can instantly pinpoint and lock users attempting to circumvent security via evasive protocols, and can auto-trigger Video Desktop Recording (DMCR). The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform also offers seamless SIEM integration for forensic-level reporting and native Splunk integration.

Centralized management and administration in the cloud – delivers seamless policy management across all locations and users from a single pane of glass. The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform provides a cloud-based admin console with a fully responsive web UI. Regardless of the gateways an organization deploys, all features, functions, policies, and security are consistent across the distributed enterprise and all its devices and locations. Capabilities include complete, bi-directional policy management, system-delegated administrators and reporting groups, location-based policies, and custom branding on sign-in and block pages.

Value-Added Features


Cyber Risk Scoring

Identifies high-risk user and device behavior by leveraging the power of the FICO Falcon algorithm, quickly spotting potential breaches other systems miss, including attacks using TOR. This reduces dwell time and minimizes data loss by alerting analysts to potential threats and scoring the severity of the risk in real time. Cyber risk scores are delivered via the iboss Incident Response Center, revealing the users, devices, and servers that pose the highest risk.

Mobile Device Management

Enables monitoring, management, and securing of mobile devices anywhere, any time. Provides granular application management, including locking or pushing, as well as live device location GeoMapping and Apple app store filtering. Includes easy over-the-air setup and enrollment, and accurate policy enforcement on shared devices.


Provides controlled detonation of suspicious files in your own sandbox environment to prevent unidentified, polymorphic malware. Includes user-based configuration to customize individual VMs, as well as distributed sandboxing for multi-tenant deployment that’s automatically load balanced.


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