Web gateways act as the first and last line of defense -
providing web filtering, compliance, malware defense and dataloss prevention
as data enters and leaves an organization.

But not all web gateways
are created equal.

On-Prem Solutions
Require Costly Data Backhauling

Legacy on-prem secure web gateway (SWG) use physical appliances deployed at HQ.

As organizations became more distributed and applications moved to the cloud, on-prem appliances and data backhauling grew increasingly expensive, slow, and difficult to manage.

Moving to the Cloud

Increasing bandwidth demands drove costs even higher, forcing SWGs to the cloud to keep pace with business needs – eliminating data backhaul and expensive appliance purchases.

Traditional Cloud Gateway Challenges

Traditional cloud solutions leverage public gateways - meaning the cloud gateways process web requests from multiple customers through the same gateways.

Public gateways result in several challenges including lack of control over automatic cloud upgrades, the inability to retain corporate IP Address identity in the cloud, and loss of geographic control for regulations like GDPR.

iboss Cloud is Different

iboss Cloud Easily Extends
Into Private Cloud

Since iboss cloud relies on containerized cloud gateways, extending gateways within the cloud gateway collection into a private cloud is easily achieved. This greatly simplifies migrating from traditional on-prem appliances to a cloud-based platform by eliminating network re-architecture a HQ or central datacenters.

Cloud Gateway Collections

Each customer’s cloud gateways combine to form a single global unified collection that provides all the same features and protection across iboss cloud and private cloud.

Single Pane of
Glass Management

The iboss cloud is managed through a single pane of glass allowing administrators to configure compliance, malware and data loss prevention policies for all users with ease.

Built for Mobile and Distributed Organizations

The iboss cloud delivers consistent cybersecurity policies, user experience, and features to protect end users regardless of location; including on the road, at branch offices or at HQ. And since it's delivered in the cloud, instant elasticity allows for infinite bandwidth growth and cloud use without the burden of managing infrastructure.

100% SaaS. 100% Subscription.

The iboss cloud, with its revolutionary cloud design, is delivered as a service via a subscription model – no need to continually purchase and manage expensive and cumbersome web gateway appliances.

The iboss Difference

Built for the cloud and the modern, mobile, and distributed organization, the iboss cloud redefines how web gateway security is delivered.

Discover iboss cloud to realize immediate ROI and advanced, consistent protection for all devices, users, and locations.


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iboss Cloud is Different

With iboss’s multi-tenant cloud architecture, each organization is secured by a global collection of private containerized cloud gateways which process web requests for that organization only. This allows for complete control over upgrade cycles, allows an organization's IP Address identity to migrate to the cloud, and easily solves geographical regulatory requirements.

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Remote Offices &
Mobile Users
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