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Web gateways act as the first and last line of a network’s defense -
scanning for malware that tries to enter the network and preventing
sensitive data from leaving the network.

But not all web gateways
are created equal...

On-Prem Solutions
Require Costly Backhauling

Legacy on-prem secure web gateways (SWG) use physical appliances deployed at HQ.

As businesses became more distributed and applications moved to the cloud, on-prem appliances and data backhauling grew increasingly expensive, slow, and difficult to manage.

Moving to the cloud

Increasing bandwidth demands drove costs even higher, forcing SWGs to the cloud to keep pace with business needs – eliminating data backhaul and expensive appliance purchases.

Shared-Cloud Gateway Challenges

Traditional cloud solutions are multi-tenant - meaning resources are shared and gateways are not isolated for individual customers.

Shared resources result in lack of control over data storage, software upgrades, and security.

iboss does cloud differently

Cloud-delivered Gateways

Since gateways are non-shared, they can be delivered in non-physical or physical form through the cloud.

Gateway Collections

Each customer’s gateways combine to form a single unified collection that provides all the benefits of both on-prem and cloud gateway deployments.

Single Pane of
Glass Management

All gateways within a collection are easily managed through a single interface.

Built for Distributed Organizations

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform delivers consistent security policies, user experience, and feature set to all distributed users and locations.

Delivered as a Service

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform, with its revolutionary node-based cloud design, is delivered as a service through a subscription model – no need to continually purchase and manage expensive and cumbersome web gateway appliances.

The iboss Difference

Built for the cloud and the modern, distributed organization, the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform redefines how web gateway security is delivered and managed.

Discover iboss’s revolutionary web gateway as a service to realize immediate ROI and advanced, consistent protection for all devices, users, and locations.


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iboss does cloud differently

With iboss’s node-based architecture, each customer can leverage entirely non-shared gateways, allowing for complete control over upgrade cycles, data storage, and more.

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