iboss Distributed Gateway Platform Miercom Report on Detecting Evasive Malware


iboss Outperformed Industry Standards, Detected 100% of TOR-based Malware and More

The iboss Platform was rigorously tested by the engineers at Meircom Labs and earned their Miercom Certified Secure designation, while showing an unrivaled ability to stop more evasive threats. Here's a summary of the Meircom findings, download the full report today.

Download the Miercom Report today and learn why iboss won:

Had substantially higher detection rates than the industry average: 97.4% efficacy against Malware samples outperforming the industry average by 14.9%.

Detected 100% of all malware leveraging the TOR Dark Web to mask communications:  iboss achieved 100% efficacy in detecting malware using TOR and other file sharing methods.

Achieved 100% efficacy detecting advanced Mobile Malware: The increasing role mobile devices play in the modern enterprise and their unique consumerized nature make them an attractive attack surface and exploit target.

Achieved 97% efficacy detecting advanced Polymorphic and Zero-Day threats: A huge advantage for iboss as compared to other network security products was iboss’ ability to detect advanced Polymorphic and Zero-Day threats with 100% efficacy.

Has real-time detection and Incident based reporting that's more effective: iboss automatically consolidates and prioritizes events, translating them into actionable incidents; shortening investigative response time and reducing data loss when breaches occur.