iboss Platform Miercom Report on Behavioral Detection of Threats and Data Loss (DLP) in a Network 


iboss Outperformed Industry Standards and is Miercom Certified Secure for Behavioral DLP

The iboss Cloud Security Platform was tested at Meircom Labs for efficacy in behavioral data loss prevention and earned the Miercom Certified Secure designation.  By utilizing exclusive behavioral approaches, iboss showed the ability to detect more active and complex threats that normally go undetected, and stopped the extraction of sensitive data like credit card and phone numbers. Here's a summary of the Meircom findings, download the full report today.

Download the Miercom Report today to see proven results:

Provided granular visibility and control: iboss real-time detection and event logs gave visibility and granular control for strengthening configurations and outbound traffic management

Identified more threats per second: Logged threats at a rate of 25 events per second, identifying suspicious, anomalistic behavior against baseline traffic

Surpassed industry standards for detecting polymorphic attacks: Detected active polymorphic attacks at 16% higher rate than the industry standard

Stopped the exfiltration of sensitive data: Prevented the successful extraction of sensitive data like credit card and phone numbers at the unmatched rate of 96.7% 

No latency demonstrated: Showed expected throughput for 1518 byte TCP and UDP traffic, reaching a maximum of 950 Mbps