Securing Retail Organizations Against Data Breaches and Loss


For retailers, a data breach can result in huge regulatory fines, but there are even greater risks when large scale data theft occurs, including brand damage and customer attrition. The iboss Cloud Secure Web Gateway Platform provides patented technology that stops advanced threats, finds evasive infections other solutions miss to contain data loss.

Protecting Retail Mobile Users Anywhere on Any Device


Today’s retail customers demand anytime, anywhere access to purchase goods and services. At the same time, your retail workforce needs mobile enablement to perform their jobs, whether on the road, in stores or in corporate headquarters. The iboss Cloud Secure Web Gateway Platform extends security across all mobile users and applications, both coporate-owned and BYOD, without the cost and complexity standard security solutions require.

Security Across Retail Remote Sites


Many retailers support multiple locations that need access to central applications and data to ensure the smooth functioning of business processes. In fast-paced retail environments, securing remote sites can be challenging. The iboss Cloud Secure Web Gateway Platform delivers scalable, flexible technology that extends comprehensive security across all remote locations, without hardware or needing to backhaul data.

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