Securing Remote Sites Across School Districts

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Educational Service Agencies support districts and schools in a variety of ways, including by providing Internet access and security. These agencies can include Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), County Offices of Education, Intermediate Units or other consortiums that provide centralized Internet access. They face challenges in trying to provide effective cybersecurity because they are often relying on legacy Web filters developed before the advent of the modern, globally connected classroom. These traditional on-premises solutions can't encompass remote school sites into district security policies without adding costly hardware deployments, driving up demand for IT resources, and creating latency by backhauling data. The iboss Cloud Secure Web Gateway Platform is the ideal solution for ESAs, because only iboss Cloud can encompass all users, locations and devices without increasing costs and complexity.

Here's how iboss Cloud enables cybersecurity across distributed districts and schools:

  • Delivers the public cloud via your ESA, encompassing widely distributed schools and delivering advanced  data protection 100% through the cloud
  • Provides each school or district you serve with its own cloud container that isolates their data in the public cloud for optimal security
  • Provides granular policy enforcement and reporting across all member schools on a per user basis to ensure accuracy and regulatory compliance
  • Ensures granular control per school, with no hardware required; scales up or down instantly to accomodate growth; manage all your schools via a single-pane-of-glass console
  • Enhances resources by eliminating the need to manage and maintain hardware in the field, reducing power requirements and  lowering TCO