Ensuring Mobile Security in K-12 Schools

Read how the iboss Cloud SWG Platform secures your mobile users anywhere, on any device:

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The introduction of mobile devices in K-12 schools has changed the modern classroom, opening new opportunities like 1:1 computing and anywhere, anytime learning. Yet schools are still tasked with enforcing CIPA and their acceptable use policies, while making sure school mobile devices, students and data are protected. BYOD programs further complicate mobile security with a variety of devices on different operating systems accessing the school network. Legacy Web filters can't provide mobile security across all users without costly hardware deployments and having to backhaul data. In addition, they either don't have advanced threat defense features or they can't deliver them to mobile users without driving up costs.

The iboss Cloud Secure Web Gateway Platform delivers comprehensive security that encompasses all users on any device whether on- or off-campus with unrivaled control, ease-of-use and low TCO. iboss Cloud technology secures mobile users, devices and data without adding cost and complexity:

  • Secures all mobile devices including iOS, Android and Chromebooks across all users whether on- or off-campus without adding costly hardware or backhauling data - Download the Data Sheet
  • Cloud-based functionality allows you to scale up or down instantly to accommodate all users
  • Extends advanced threat defense to all mobile users and BYOD, protecting the school network and your data
  • Includes optional, full-featured mobile device management to protect the devices themselves