Protecting K-12 Schools from Advanced Threats

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The personal data of K-12 students has become a prime target for cyber criminals and recent studies show that data breaches cost schools and districts more than they do any other industry. Schools are considered "soft targets" largely because so many of them rely on standard Web security solutions that lack visibility into the hidden ports and protocols used by today's sophisticated hackers to deliver evasive malware. While standard solutions watch Web ports 80 and 443, thousands of hidden ports provide easy access to zero-day threats and polymorphic viruses. Only the iboss Cloud Secure Web Gateway Platform can deliver the advanced threat protection schools need.

Unlike legacy Web filters, iboss delivers advanced protection that goes beyond the Web browser:

  • Watches all network traffic, not just HTTP and HTTPS Web traffic, to detect and block evasive malware trying to circumvent your security
  • Protects student data and the school network with advanced threat defense features that detect data attacks before loss occurs
  • offers granular control over applications and social media to protect against inappropriate content and help fulfill CIPA and other regulatory requirements