Higher Education

Secure Higher Education Against Evasive Threats and Data Theft


Colleges and universities retain a wealth of information on students and staff, much of it protected by regulatory requirements, creating security challenges for schools. The iboss Cloud Secure Web Gateway Platform provides patented, granular threat protection that ensures data security while safeguarding access to the resources colleges and universities need to pursue critical research and learning.

Secure Mobile Users in Higher Education Anywhere, on Any Device


Colleges and universities must support large distributed networks with wide mobile and BYOD usage, leaving them more vulnerable to threats hiding in unwanted mobile applications. Standard cybersecurity solutions can’t secure mobile users without compromising security or requiring costly hardware and backhauling data. Only iboss Cloud encompasses all your mobile users in your security policies, anywhere they roam, on any device, without hardware or backhauling data.

Secure Higher Education Remote Locations


Encompassing remote sites into your security policies to ensure regulatory compliance is critical, but standard cybersecurity solutions can’t extend security without complex and costly hardware deployments and data backhauling. The iboss Cloud cybersecurity platform offers turnkey solutions that secure all your remote locations, while eliminating complexity and dramatically lowering TCO.

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